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IBA’s Low-Cost Long-Haul Webinar October 2018

In this session, IBA’s Head of Advisory, Paul Lyons, and Head of Valuations, Mike Yeomans, reviewed the growth of the LCLH market. This has been with a focus on business models, the impact of rising costs and the importance of selecting the right assets. Our experts discuss the key players, as well as providing four examples of low cost vs low fare differentiation in airlines and the impact of long-range narrowbodies, in order to give you the most up to date news available within the aviation industry.

We also dive deep into aircraft investment by aligning the asset with the low-cost long-haul business model, detailing the most popular assets in operation at LCLH airlines such as the Boeing 787/Airbus A330. As well as the trade-off between older aircraft (A330), lower rentals/acquisition costs versus newer aircraft (787), fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

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