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IBA provides aviation consultancy services for clients in all parts of the aviation value chain including the manufacturers (OEMs), the operators (airlines, airports, MROs) and the finance community (lessors, banks, investors).


IBA's consultancy expertise covers three main areas: strategy, finance and technical. Our strategy expertise includes passenger demand forecasting, airline capacity forecasting, fleet forecasts, cost benchmarking and ESG. Our finance expertise includes operator business plan due diligence, aircraft loan portfolio risk analysis, and aircraft & slot valuations. Our technical consultants can advise on anything from a freighter conversion to an evaluation of the batteries on an electric aircraft.


What sets IBA apart from competitors is our consultants, most of whom have actually worked in their field of expertise, and our proprietary data which ensures our clients make the most informed decisions.



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What can we offer? 

Fleet strategy

An airline typically spends more than 80% of its CAPEX on its fleet and the choice of aircraft can make the difference between a route being profitable or unprofitable. IBA are fleet experts and understand the market value of aircraft, the operating costs, and the future residual value risk. IBA can help airlines de-risk their business plan and improve their operating margins with fleet strategy consultancy.


Our award-winning teams also advise lessors on their fleet portfolio to help them maximise returns, balance yield versus risk, perform operator risk assessments, model lease pricing and advise on future residual value risk.


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Airline cost benchmarking

In surveys, passengers typically list network and price as the two most important factors when buying an airline ticket. No wonder that the most successful airlines in the world generally have a very competitive cost base. IBA can help airlines identify how their costs (fuel, engineering, airport, overhead, etc) compare to peers and advise on solutions to reduce costs. With hundreds of aircraft under management over the past 30 years and a team of engineers who have worked for major airlines, IBA has proprietary data to enable airlines to benchmark their engineering costs against the market.


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ESG Consulting

Environmental, Social, and Governance issues are now seen as a key risk to investments which is why authorities across the world are demanding more transparency and stricter reporting standards in all sectors including aviation. IBA employs ESG experts who truly understand the aviation industry. We can help ensure reporting is compliant with new regulations and best practice. Our team will support you in forecasting the future cost of carbon offsetting (which can run into the billions of dollars for a single airline) and advise on operational improvements to mitigate some of these costs.


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Market reports

Aviation has historically grown by 5% CAGR driven by global GDP growth, globalisation and a growing middle class around the world who desire to broaden their horizons. In recent years the Covid-19 pandemic, rising geopolitical risk and an unprecedented widening of the jet fuel crack spread has created considerable uncertainty for the industry. IBA continually surveys the market and provides updated forecasts on passenger & cargo demand, airline capacity, fleet deliveries and airport capacity in order to help the industry and its investors make better decisions.


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Litigation support

IBA has for many years supported legal firms acting on behalf of aviation clients in disputes. IBA uses its data and expertise to give clients the very best chance of a successful outcome.


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