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IBA Introduces One-Stop Scope 3 Reporting with Netzero Reporting

IBA, the leading aviation market intelligence and advisory company, has recently introduced NetZero Reporting, an enhancement to its IBA NetZero tool, built specifically to enable the aviation community to fulfil their Scope 3 reporting obligations.

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IBA NetZero Reporting enables users to maintain an exposure portfolio over time by easily and reliably accessing emissions reports at the airline, lessor, aircraft, or fleet/portfolio level using a wide variety of measurement metrics. These include well-to-wake CO2e, RPK, RTK – total, passenger, cargo and belly, Co2e per RTK / RPK, fuel burn, and number of flights*. Exposures between specific dates can be measured enabling users to calculate them precisely and accurately.


IBA NetZero Reporting has been designed to enable aviation stakeholders who have very little access to actual aircraft fuel burn, such as investors and financial institutions, to report their exposures simply and efficiently. It is designed to satisfy all reporting use cases in one platform, so users do not have to source their data from individual operators and lessors.


The data extracted from IBA NetZero Reporting is thoroughly tested and used by the largest organisations across the globe, so users can report with confidence and ease. IBA also voluntarily aligns with the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) guidelines for external reviewers.


Nick Stafford, Product Development and Digital Transformation Director at IBA, says “IBA NetZero Reporting marks a transformative shift in the aviation industry's data acquisition landscape and is a crucial tool for measuring progress towards meeting sustainability targets. It will save users valuable time and money, while eliminating the uncertainties in data sourcing thanks to its rigorously tested data. This unwavering consistency makes IBA NetZero Reporting the ultimate one-stop shop for Scope 3 reporting.”


IBA NetZero Reporting is an integral part of IBA NetZero - the most advanced, industry-accredited commercial aviation emissions, reporting, and analysis tool available. It enables users to understand the risks and opportunities associated with decarbonising commercial aviation, including the impact of fleet renewals and the cost of reaching net zero by 2050. 




Notes to Editors

CO2e – carbon dioxide equivalent

RPK – revenue passenger kilometres

RTK – revenue tonne kilometre


About IBA

IBA delivers the best of all worlds - deep aviation consultancy expertise, and cutting-edge and actionable data insights, all delivered by a proven, expert team with a strong customer focus.


An independent, innovative and forward-thinking business, IBA has over 35 years of heritage and experience in aviation. Having won the Sustainable Technology award for its IBA NetZero platform in 2023 and for its Carbon Emissions Calculator in 2022, and being named 'Appraiser of the Year' by their clients for five years, IBA prides itself on its integrity, fierce independence, and continual innovation.


The key to IBA’s success is its people – some of the best in the industry, based in multiple locations across the globe – real experts who are passionate about aviation and go the extra mile for their clients.


IBA media contact

Charlie Hampton / Laura Goh

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +44 (0)7884 187297

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