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IBA Demonstrates Powerful New Airline Risk Analytics Tool With In-Depth Assessments of Major Carriers

IBA Airlines Pro set to lead the market with the world’s most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessments of airline risk.


IBA, the market leading aviation intelligence and advisory company, has launched IBA Airlines Pro, a powerful new airline analytics tool. Blending IBA’s core competencies in quality data and deep consulting insight, IBA Airlines Pro leads the industry with the most in-depth and comprehensive airline assessments. Fleet, operations, financial performance, access to funds and lease management all form part of a quick and easy to understand risk score pioneered by the IBA Airlines team.

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To demonstrate the new capabilities, IBA has assessed the risk metrics of major European flag carriers, following the release of their 2023 annual airline results. Significantly, it identified that the ASKs (Available Seat Kilometres) of Lufthansa Group and AF-KLM were still at less than 90% of 2019 capacity levels despite the end of the pandemic, likely due in part to Russian airspace flight restrictions. Its comprehensive insights also revealed that about a quarter of Lufthansa’s aircraft were parked or stored, including 10 of its 14 A380s. Meanwhile, its qualitative analysis concluded that the airline’s divestment of its catering arm LSG and plans to acquire ITA could increase the risk to the group itself.


Nick Stafford, Product Development and Digital Transformation Director of IBA said: “Extensive work and resources are needed to complete a comprehensive assessment of an airline, from attaining financial and operational metrics to developing consistent opinions across the industry. IBA Airlines Pro streamlines this process into a single user-friendly and configurable solution, saving our clients both time and money.”


Dan Taylor, Head of Consulting at IBA, said: “The accurate assessment of an airline’s risk analytics is integral to making informed decisions for effective risk management. Through the quantitative and qualitative analyses in IBA Airlines Pro, investors, banks, lessors, MROs, or any organisation with exposure, will be able to accurately assess and minimise their risks.”


As the newest part of IBA Airlines, building on the Essentials and Financials packages, Airlines Pro will save clients significant time, money, and resource by evaluating the most up to date risk analytics for over 250 commercial airlines across the globe.


In addition, it enables ease of comparison between airlines, within the industry, and over time in the following ways:


  • Market risk analysis

  • Business strategy, jurisdiction risk, and SWOT analysis

  • Industry regional and segment comparisons

  • Risk scoring

  • Quarterly financial analysis

  • Opinion on fleets, flights and financials

  • ESG scoring

  • And all analysis is fully exportable

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