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IBA's Market Update Webinar, September 2023

Are you looking for comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on the aviation industry?  

Watch IBA’s award-winning team on Wednesday 20th September for a post-summer update on the state of the aviation market and the outlook going forwards. 

The Webinar

Designed for all aviation industry players, our Market Update Webinar will share the latest data and identify key trends shaping the market.  

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Our experts drill down into:

  • Macro-economic update – how are the changes in inflation, interest rates, currency, and oil price impacting the aviation community? 

  • Capacity – what demand are we seeing for passenger and cargo? 

  • Aircraft deliveries and trading activity – what are the latest trends? 

  • Asset values – how are aircraft values and lease rates performing? 

  • Airline profitability – what is the outlook for the remainder of 2023 & beyond? 

  • ESG in aviation – what do you need to know?  

The Panel

Phil Seymour
President, ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser, Fellow

Dr. Stuart Hatcher
Chief Economist, ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser

Mike Yeomans
Director - Valuations and Consulting, ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser

Dan Taylor
Head of Consulting


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