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Aircraft OEM 2023 Performance Overview – IBA Analysis

IBA, the leading aviation market intelligence and consultancy company, has released an overview of OEM performance in 2023. It shows that, while some OEMs will reach their targets, others are set to fall short due to quality issues and production setbacks.  

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Dr. Stuart Hatcher, IBA’s Chief Economist and ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser, used IBA Insight to reveal that:


  • Airbus is on track to get very close to their 2023 target of 720 commercial aircraft deliveries.

  • The A220s are near to a production rate of 5.2 per month, which falls close to their 2023 target. However, a significant increase is needed to reach the 14-per-month rate target required by the end of 2026.

  • GTF engine issues have impacted the operations of the A320neo family aircraft and IBA foresee this could influence production rates in the coming year. IBA forecasts they will produce a total of 568 units in 2023, split equally between the LEAP and GTF engine.

  • IBA forecasts that Airbus will deliver around 28 A330neos in 2023 and around 62 A350s.

  • Boeing faced challenges with quality issues affecting consistency in deliveries, especially for the 737 MAX.

  • Despite setbacks and adjustments, IBA forecasts that Boeing will deliver 379 commercial 737 MAX aircraft (and one MAX BBJ), staying within an adjusted target range of 375-400 deliveries (the previous target was 400-450 deliveries).

  • Boeing will come close to its initial 2023 production target for the 787 of 70-80 aircraft, with IBA forecasting it will deliver 67 to customers.

  • Overall, IBA expects Boeing to deliver 489 commercial aircraft, falling short of its expectation of 590 units.

  • Turning to other OEMs, ATR aimed to produce 40 aircraft in 2023 but is estimated to be closer to 27.

  • Embraer had targeted 65-70 commercial deliveries and is estimated to reach


To read Stuart’s full analysis, click here.




About IBA

IBA delivers the best of all worlds - deep aviation consultancy expertise, and cutting-edge and actionable data insights, all delivered by a proven, expert team with a strong customer focus.


An independent, innovative and forward-thinking business, IBA has over 35 years of heritage and experience in aviation. Having won the Sustainable Technology award for its IBA NetZero platform in 2023 and for its Carbon Emissions Calculator in 2022 and being named 'Appraiser of the Year' by their clients for five years, IBA prides itself on its integrity, fierce independence, and continual innovation.


The key to IBA’s success is its people – some of the best in the industry, based in multiple locations across the globe – real experts who are passionate about aviation and go the extra mile for their clients.


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