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IBA Launches Groundbreaking Airline Insights Platform

IBA, the leading aviation market intelligence and consultancy company, has today launched IBA Airlines – a groundbreaking new airline insights platform that will enable the aviation industry to monitor airlines’ operational performance, and evaluate their financial position in detail.

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In its ‘Essentials’ package, IBA Airlines delivers a range of information about over 1,200 commercial airlines across the globe including their fleets, flights, a financial overview, and schedule insights, all delivered through an airline-centric lens. These insights will equip user groups with a detailed understanding of an airline’s performance.


IBA Airlines’ additional ‘Financials’ package will provide a rich depth of standardised financial information. It will enable users to better understand the health of an organisation through forecasts and financials breakdowns. Access to these expert forecasts will provide an independent, expert outlook on airlines’ potential future performances. These will be regularly updated to continuously provide relevant and reliable insights.


Phil Seymour, President at IBA said: “IBA Airlines provides the aviation industry with both a practical and pragmatic view of the airline market, along with an added level of detail through our experience-based analysis. It brings together IBA’s vast experience across airlines, aviation finance and aerospace.”


Users who will benefit from IBA Airlines include investors, banks, lessors, MROs, OEMs, airlines, suppliers, airport authorities and insurers. Whether it’s a quick reference before a meeting, an operational overview of the organisation or a comprehensive financial information, this revolutionary new IBA product suite has the solution.


IBA’s partnership with OAG supports the delivery of IBA Airlines’ scheduling data. This includes a history of airline schedules and the ability to view and analyse airlines’ future schedules and new routes.


Further insights available on the IBA Airlines platform include traffic capabilities which will enable users to view powerful industry data that includes total flights, seats, distance, ASKs (available seat kilometres) and route pairs. Airport-to-airport comparisons can also be viewed along with regional breakdowns.


The regional variations delivered will help users identify the fragmented regulatory environment and the effect this will have on carriers. It also enables the industry to understand the market impact of regulations such as the Emissions Trading Scheme and carbon tax, and thus to make effective decisions based on IBA Airlines’ data.


To support data analysis, a news feature will provide users with updated and targeted alerting about specific airlines. This enables users to stay informed of any changes to airlines fleets, management changes and other significant announcements. This aspect is an extension of IBA’s existing partnership with Aviator Pro.


Nick Stafford, Product Development and Digital Transformation Director at IBA, said: “IBA Airlines will enhance the decision-making abilities of a wide range of airline-related audiences who have a sharp focus on airlines’ profitability and viability, especially in a post-Covid world. This is achieved through IBA’s effective monitoring and analysis of a holistic set of airline-focused insights in both the ‘Essentials’ and ‘Financials’ package, with a range of additional features set to be unveiled in the coming months.


“IBA’s solutions are disrupting the industry and delivering insights more effectively than ever before, and we are excited to bring this newest part of our portfolio to the market.”


Insights in the platform are easy to source and navigate on desktop and mobile devices and can be quickly exported to Excel.


IBA Airlines enhances IBA’s award-winning portfolio of solutions including IBA Insight and IBA NetZero, with further developments set to be announced in the coming months.




About IBA

IBA delivers the best of all worlds - deep aviation consultancy expertise, and cutting-edge and actionable data insights, all delivered by a proven, expert team with a strong customer focus.


An independent, innovative and forward-thinking business, IBA has over 35 years of heritage and experience in aviation. Having won the Sustainable Technology award for its IBA NetZero platform in 2023 and for its Carbon Emissions Calculator in 2022, and being named 'Appraiser of the Year' by their clients for five years, IBA prides itself on its integrity, fierce independence, and continual innovation.


The key to IBA’s success is its people – some of the best in the industry, based in multiple locations across the globe – real experts who are passionate about aviation and go the extra mile for their clients.


IBA media contacts

Charlie Hampton / Faye Clarke

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Mobile: +44 (0)7884 187297

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