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IBA has been sharing an extensive range of integrated aviation technical services for over 30 years. Our goal is to work with you to safeguard and boost your aviation assets. Whether hands-on or remotely, we can be there to steer you through scenarios from pre-purchase due diligence analysis and delivery of new aircraft to mid-lease asset checks and aircraft life extensions.


of aircraft under IBA Asset Management programmes


Aircraft and Engines Inspections Annually


Buy Side Due-Diligence in 2019


Redeliveries & Repossessions in 2019

Cohesive airside and desk-based technical and operational help

Aviation assets are complex, both technically and operationally. Our specialist teams have a clear advantage: IBA Insight. Our market-leading intelligence platform helps them understand the condition and value of engines, aircraft, and helicopters. When even slight inconsistencies can have huge financial impacts, you can trust our unbiased, evidence-based advice.


You can be confident our technical and operational inspections will independently report asset and operational value, asset condition, airworthiness, and compliance with lease terms or pre-purchase agreement requirements. Our expert inspectors around the world thrive on their complete understanding of assets, their functions, and processes.


A non-exhaustive list of our technical services includes:


  • Pre-transaction and mid-lease reports

  • Operator risk reviews

  • Technical due diligence

  • Maintenance and inspection programmes

  • Records review and management

  • Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery management

  • Unscheduled incident inspections

  • Aircraft Storage solutions

  • Aircraft and engine repossessions


IBA's teams are well appointed to conduct multiple, complex assessments: management structures, maintenance programmes, and costs, safety systems, staffing levels, quality assurance, processes and procedures, financial characteristics, spares handling, and third-party agreements. We'll bring expertise, intelligence, and experience to our partnership to give you targeted, independent professional opinion.



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