IBA’s unique dataset means that we can provide industry stakeholders with instant access to up-to-date critical information and intelligence ensuring that they can unlock a greater understanding of the market

Aviation Intelligence

Our extensive fleet, values and market data, in combination with IBA’s expertise and professional expert opinion, offers a greater confidence and assurance for investments as well as the careful evaluating of risks or the monitoring of aircraft portfolio valuations.

Aviation Intelligence

Alice Gondry

Alice Gondry

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With over three decades of working with a broad mix of clients; ranging from airlines to lessors, manufacturers to government agencies and lawyers, IBA has been exposed to crucial and historical market data and as a result, collates data as part of its daily business. With our advantageous combination of intelligence gathering, technical expertise and several decades of collective aviation experience, IBA has built an entirely unique dataset to grow, not only its understanding of the industry, but that of its players as IBA shares its essential insights with the wider aviation community.

At IBA, as a professional consulting organisation, we are totally independent and provide critical data to inform investment and financing decisions, in order to substantially reduce operational risk. IBA is also one of only a very small group of Appraisers to be fully approved by the main commercial airframe and engine manufacturers for the receipt of comprehensive pricing, market data, detailed utilisation and technical data on a regular basis.

IBA prides itself in the accuracy of its data and its comprehensiveness, keeping all data updated and making it fully accessible to the industry via IBA’s data intelligence services.  Our IBA.iQ intelligence platform hosts a variety of modules which tap into IBA’s proprietary data. The Fleets module is IBA’s aircraft database, which is updated live, around the clock, by a dedicated team of aviation analysts. iQ Fleets is offered alongside the Aircraft and Engine Value modules which are IBA’s in-house valuation product, designed to follow ISTAT appraisal principles.

The Trends module is an in-depth analytical tool that also complements the Fleets and Values modules by allowing the user to freely explore the vast collection that is our extensive aviation data. The IBA.iQ Trends module provides users with key data and analysis which are not normally offered through an online platform, pulling together historical events, transactions, macroeconomics, values, lease rates, and a lot more in one simple module that is designed to compare one dataset with any number of other important datasets.

IBA also publishes valuation books that cover key market information and values for either aircraft or engine assets. Furthermore, IBA can also package its intelligence expertise to meet ad-hoc and bespoke data needs.

Our consultants are familiar with the issues facing your business today and can give a timely, accurate and thoughtful assessment in terms of your data needs, so you can benefit from the right mix of commercial and technical information to make better informed decisions, be it through our online platform, our publications or tailored datasets relevant to your business.

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