IBA’s & IATA’s Webinar on Lease Management November 2019

In this joint session between IBA’s Peter Walter and Guljar Lehri and IATA’s DeeDee Doke and Chris Markou, we look at how airlines can manage their operating leases to avoid millions of dollars of unwanted and hidden cost.

The session aims to provide airlines with clarity and precision for contract drafting, insight on the challenges of redelivery and aircraft transition, reviews the most common areas for redelivery disputes and provides a check list of IBA’s best practise for avoiding hidden costs and overspends – our research shows the average narrowbody overspend is now close to $2m.

If you have further questions please contact Guljar.Lehri@iba.aero

IBA’s Market Update Webinar, September 2019

Our experts offer valuable analysis and insight on current trends, developments and key market indicators in this market update.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Our assessment of the supply/demand imbalance
  • Order backlogs and fuel – impact on values and used demand
  • Lease end & fleet estimates
  • Retirement trends
  • Values & lease rates


For more information contact: Marketing@iba.aero

IBA’s Risk and Repossession Webinar

In response to the unprecedented number of airline bankruptcies and defaults over the first half of 2019, IBA hosted a Risk and Repossession Webinar. Designed around the needs of Lessors, Financiers and Investors, our team of experts looked at credit risk, current levels of stress in the market, offered guidance on approaching defaults and shared our first hand experiences in this area.

If you have further questions please contact PeterWalter@iba.aero


IBA’s Post Paris Airshow Webinar, June 2019

In this webinar discussion IBA’s Phil Seymour, Stuart Hatcher, Mike Yeomans and Hashen Hewawasam discussed the events of Paris Air Show 2019.

The discussion covered:

Key events from the Air Show

What this might mean for lease rates, values and future orders.

For more information contact: Marketing@iba.aero

IBA’s Lease End Forecast, May 2019

Using data from our data intelligence platform – IBA.iQ, IBA’s Stuart Hatcher, Head of Intelligence and Mike Yeomans, Head of Valuations take a look at current and forecasted Lease End activity across Narrowbody and Widebody aircraft. Our complimentary market forecast, provides insight and clarity on trends around lease ends and lease starts, parked/stored activity, retirements and it takes a comprehensive look at the A330, B777, B737 and the A320 families.

If you have further questions, comments or feedback, please contact: MikeYeomans@iba.aero

IBA’s Passenger To Freighter Webinar, May 2019

IBA’s Passenger to Freighter Webinar was designed specifically around the opportunities for investing and the vulnerabilities within the market. The session is a must for those considering converting fleet or looking at end of life options. IBA’s Jonathan McDonald, Head Analyst – Commercial & Ageing Aircraft and Phil Seymour, CEO, added clarity on the shape of the market, lease rates and values, new entrants and players, the economics of conversions vs parting out plus the need for scrutiny as the market for Cargo begins to change.

If you have further questions please contact: Marketing@iba.aero

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