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One-stop insight into airline operations and performance

Get detailed airline data and analytics to understand operational performance and evaluate their financial position, covering fleets and management insights from across the globe.


Over 75,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 165,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 500 years of expertise

Unparalleled airline operations and performance insights

Leveraging over 35 years of vast experience in aviation consulting, IBA is supercharging its entry into the airline analytics space with IBA Airlines.


Designed with the aviation leasing, finance, MRO, and airline communities in mind, this easy-to-use platform enhances decision-making with instant and comprehensive analysis of key airline data points.


Get a detailed understanding of an airline in a mobile-compatible and fully exportable format


Discover a comprehensive understanding of an operator’s health and save time when performing credit analysis, KYC, due diligence, prospecting, ongoing monitoring, and benchmarking.


Get the insights you need with intuitive navigation and cutting-edge airline analytics at lightning-fast speed.


IBA Airlines is part of IBA Insight, the ultimate aviation intelligence platform. We combine 70+ years of proprietary commercial aircraft and engine data with our award-winning valuations, flight schedule information, aviation carbon emissions modelling and airline analytics.

Impactful data and analytics on global airlines

Detailed views on base-level airline data

Get a detailed understanding of global fleet, flight, and schedules for over 1,200 commercial airlines and their operations globally


  • Understand an airline’s fleet, current age profile, fleet evolution and utilisation metrics

  • Access flight data, aircraft utilisation and route structure changes

  • Identify adjustments to an organisation's strategy

Comprehensive airline financial data

Discover a rich depth of standardised financial information for all major airlines, providing a holistic overview of an organisation's performance


  • Drill down into detailed forecasts and financial breakdowns

  • Access expert forecasts for an independent outlook on potential future performance

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest data via quarterly reforecasts

Qualitative airline risk commentary and comparisons

Access the most detailed intelligence and expert insights for 250+ airlines across the globe


  • Understand individual airline and market risk data using IBA’s risk scoring methodology

  • Visualise industry trends with innovative risk and financial health charts

  • Benchmark competitors through regional growth/loss metrics

  • Access market-leading opinions on operational and financial performance, business strategy, ESG scoring, jurisdiction risk and more

IBA's aviation data and analytics platform

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