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Discover the definitive commercial aviation carbon calculator

IBA NetZero is the most advanced aviation finance-focused emissions analytics suite available. IBA NetZero gives you the power to understand the risks and opportunities associated with decarbonising commercial aviation.


IBA wins Sustainability Technology Award for 2023 

We’re delighted to announce that IBA NetZero has once again won the Sustainability Technology Award at the 2023 Aviation 100 Sustainability / ESG Awards.

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Over 75,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 165,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 500 years of expertise

Unparalleled insights on aviation CO2 emissions


Discover how IBA NetZero guides the aviation industry on its sustainability journey. Watch our video, produced in partnership with Air Transport Action Group.


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Combining IBA's proprietary fuel-burn intelligence and integrating advanced scenario modelling, IBA NetZero provides answers to the biggest questions in sustainable finance: 


  • What are my emissions by aircraft, fleet and route and how do they compare to the competition?

  • What level of decarbonisation can fleet renewal achieve?

  • What strategies do my I need to employ to hit decarbonisation targets?

  • What will the true cost of my decarbonisation strategy be?


IBA NetZero is your benchmark for aviation emissions analysis, supporting your ESG reporting, sustainably linked finance goals and long-term strategic planning.


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So, how can you turbocharge your analysis with IBA NetZero?

Project and map CO2 emissions scenarios over time

Build detailed ‘What if' scenarios, mapping the CO2 and financial implications of key sustainability initiatives, from rebalancing your fleet to the gradual implementation of Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Understand the financial impacts of ESG

Take a deep dive into the costs of regulatory and voluntary decarbonisation programmes, understanding the financial implications of regulation and your own decisions.

Get a fully customisable aircraft CO2 analysis

Infer the future popularity of all major commercial aircraft types based on their efficiency. Customise both real and hypothetical aircraft types, tracking the impact of enhancements such as winglets and seat configuration.

Map a realistic pathway to net zero emissions

Model customised scenarios, mapping the impact of sustainability initiatives over time. Define your glidepath and mitigation strategies to reach net zero emissions by a specified date.


Emissions Reporting

Fulfil your Scope 3 reporting obligations with IBA NetZero Reporting, a new module built for accuracy and certainty, while saving time, and money. Access the data you need to build emissions reports at the airline, lessor, aircraft, or fleet/portfolio level.

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