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IBA Enhances Fleet Monitoring Capabilities in IBA Insight, with New Mobile Application

IBA, the leading aviation market intelligence and advisory company has further enhanced IBA Insight's fleet monitoring capabilities with a powerful new mobile application. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the new application alerts users to time-sensitive information such as discrimination (the over or under-use of aircraft) and flights to prohibited destinations, all via push notifications on a mobile phone.

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The application has been designed to address the needs of lessors, insurers and the aviation finance community.  As market dynamics change, leased aircraft account for an increasing proportion of the global fleet. In 2019, the average leased narrowbody aircraft was utilised on 70 more cycles than an owned narrowbody. Leased utilisation has continued to rise, jumping from 70 more cycles in 2019 to 87 in 2023. The differences between owned versus leased utilisation can be more pronounced at specific operators when looking at a sub-set of aircraft. This powerful fleet monitoring allows users to understand the likely condition of the aircraft, monitor maintenance reserves, monitor Power-by-the-Hour leases, and remind lessees of contractual fair usage, all of which are key for IBA clients.


Speaking about the launch, Phil Talbot, IBA’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Enhancing our aviation intelligence capabilities for our clients, the new mobile application delivers proactive fleet monitoring functions. Through curated insights, alerts, and live updates, it empowers industry stakeholders such as lessors, banks, investors, and insurers to make the most effective and informed decisions about their fleets.”


Part of IBA Insight’s suite of news and alerting solutions, the new function allows users to set up mobile alerts on the following fleet data:


Utilisation discrimination

Through utilisation discrimination alerts, users will be able to compare their chosen aircraft usage to its sibling aircraft at an operator. Knowing this enables users to understand if their aircraft is depreciating faster than other assets.


Prohibited destinations

Users can indicate their prohibited destinations from a list so that they can be alerted when their aircraft has landed at a prohibited destination. This information will allow users to know how their aircraft is being used and if the usage breaches any jurisdictions.



IBA’s industry-leading news services have also been integrated into this new function of IBA Insight, allowing users to stay up to date with news and to remain ahead of the industry curve.    






Note to Editors

To download images of this new function of IBA Insight, click here.


About IBA

IBA delivers the best of all worlds - deep aviation consultancy expertise, and cutting-edge and actionable data insights, all delivered by a team with proven expertise and a strong customer focus.


An independent, innovative, and forward-thinking business, IBA has over 35 years of heritage and experience in aviation. Having won the Sustainable Technology award for its IBA NetZero platform in 2023 and for its Carbon Emissions Calculator in 2022, also being named 'Appraiser of the Year' by their clients five times, IBA prides itself on its integrity, fierce independence, and continuous innovation.


The key to IBA’s success is its people – aiming to be the best in the industry and based in multiple locations across the globe – they are real experts who are passionate about aviation and go the extra mile for their clients.


IBA media contact

Charlie Hampton / Laura Goh

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: +44 (0)7884 187297

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