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You need quick, intuitive access to the most accurate commercial aviation data. Our products are designed to provide you with seamless and simple analysis, prompting better asset decisions, enhanced risk management, and a full understanding of aviation decarbonisation strategies.



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35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 165,000 aircraft events added annually


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An award-winning suite of data products and consulting services

We firmly believe that our consultancy services and cutting-edge aviation data products are the best in the business, but don't just take our word for it! IBA has been recognised with a series of awards for our products and services.


IBA's Valuations team has won the prestigious Airline Economics Aviation 100 Appraiser of the Year award 5 times, most recently in 2022. Our team of seven ISTAT certified senior Appraisers manage and oversee all our aircraft and engine valuations, including the aircraft values data in IBA Insight. We're proud of our valuation methodology, designed to provide the most accurate and reliable values available on the market to support transactions, aircraft fleet planning, monitoring, and reporting on portfolio performance.


IBA is also leading the way in sustainable aviation, with our revolutionary carbon emissions modelling tool IBA NetZero announced as the first winner of the Airline Economics Aviation 100 Sustainable Technology Award. Sustainability and ESG are vital in shaping the future of aviation, and we are proud to support the aviation finance community with our award-winning platform and ESG consulting services.

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