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IBA's Helicopter Update: The Outlook

This webinar, led by IBA’s Kane Ray, Head of General Aviation and Aftermarket, and Rami Abdel Aziz, Manager - Helicopters, covered various aspects of the helicopter market, including finance and leasing, a global market review, EMS and offshore market outlook, and the latest helicopter values and lease rate performance.



The session covered  growth opportunities in the helicopter weight segments, the trend towards multi-role helicopters, and the impact of supply chain issues and escalating costs on the heavy helicopter segment. IBA were also questioned on the potential impact of Advanced Air Mobility Technologies on the helicopter market. The webinar concluded with a Q&A, addressing questions about the differences between the helicopter and commercial aircraft leasing markets, the low leasing proportion of the helicopter market, and the standards of different helicopter segments, notably in the Medium and Super-medium helicopter weight categories.



  • Kane Ray, Head of General Aviation and Aftermarket, IBA

  • Rami Abdel Aziz, Manager - Helicopters, IBA


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Key Takeaways

  1. Helicopter Leasing Market Growth:The helicopter leasing market has grown from a 8-9% leased fleet to nearly 11% in recent years, with expectations to reach 15% by the end of the decade. This growth is driven by operators choosing to finance and lease their helicopters rather than purchasing them outright.

  2. Regional EMS Helicopter Demand: The demand for EMS helicopters varies by region, with North America leading the way caused by hospital and private sector needs, while in Europe, demand is driven by governmental public sector needs. Demand in  Asia is a hot topic due to continuing finance and investment opportunities.

  3. Offshore Market Challenges: The offshore oil and gas market is a significant segment for helicopter lessors. Safety requirements for helicopters serving this market are driving new orders. However, the market is also facing significant supply chain constraints and escalating costs due to high demand and shortages of essential components.

  4. Air Mobility Technology Impact: Advanced Air Mobility Technologies are expected to impact the Ultra-light helicopter segment in the coming decades. However, the impact on the helicopter market presently remains minimal.

  5. Helicopter Market Value Stability: The market value outlook for helicopters remains stable through 2025 due to factors such as sustained demand, constrained capacity, high inflation and interest rates, and ongoing supply chain issues. One improvement is that heavy helicopters still trail base values, and IBA continue to forecast a closing of this gap.


"Helicopter fleet growth is expected to outpace retirements, driven by sustained demand, constrained capacity, and high inflation and interest rates. However, the market growth remains dependent on the utilisation of existing helicopters, stabilisation of high inflation and interest rates, and to an extent, the price of oil.


The leasing proportion of the helicopter market is growing, with the percentage of leased to owned helicopters surpassing 10% and nearing 11%. We anticipate this to reach 15% by the end of the decade."

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