Tokyo 2017 – Appraisers See a Mixed Market for A330s in Airfinance Journal, April 2017

The market for the Airbus A330 is a mixed one with the -300 being easier to remarket and less likely to be parted out than the -200 variant, appraisers said at the 6th Annual Japan Airfinance conference in Tokyo.

Paul Leighton, managing director, The Aircraft Value Analysis Company, said the -300 is the “right sort of size to filter down to the second-tier operators”. However, he says the earlier low-weight aircraft are “finding the market more difficult”. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we are down to single figures for some of the older examples” he adds.

Mike Yeomans, Head Analyst – Commercial and Leasing at IBA Group, said “I think if you look at the engine split as well and the stored fleet of what’s available, there’s more of the -200 parked and available – significantly more than the -300. Yeoman notes some of the early aircraft are equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines.  “It could be hard for some of those to move, so a part-out scenario could be likely for some of those aircraft”.

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