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Introducing IBA’s New Engine Market Intelligence Reports

We are pleased to announce the launch of IBA’s first Engine Market Intelligence Reports. Combining our independently verified data from IBA Insight with IBA’s expert advisory opinion, these dynamic reports are simple, comprehensive, and regularly updated to reveal prevailing trends for major aircraft engine types. Our new engine reports complement our existing Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports, delivering the most holistic aviation intelligence on the market.

What's included?

  • Status, production, and retirements in the engine fleet
  • Top in-service operators and engine models
  • Common aircraft / engine combinations
  • Engine types by airline
  • Market values and lease rates
  • Utilisation comparisons between engine types
  • Backlog and delivery schedules
  • Operator data and analysis
  • Asset liquidity
  • Expert commentary from our ISTAT-certified appraisers


Download our sample report for the CFM LEAP-1A

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With access to our Engine Reports, you’ll quickly be able to:

  • Understand essential KPIs by engine type and market - supporting you in developing or revising investment strategy and bolstering your decision-making with up-to-date asset-specific intelligence
  • Gain and maintain a competitive advantage with the most comprehensive and powerful market commentaries, including current and historical engine market and base values, and lease rates
  • View a snapshot of a selected asset’s liquidity and market dynamics - with IBA Insight’s timely and accurate in-service engine fleets, operators and owners, as well as order backlogs and delivery schedules, lease ends plus parked and stored aircraft data
  • Improve your operational awareness – with the very latest engine utilisation analysis powered by our ground and satellite-based Tracked Flights data
  • Research faster and mitigate risk – protect your investments and guide your strategy


How to access the latest Engine Market Intelligence Reports

Our engine and aircraft reports are available for individual purchase, or as part of a subscription to our aviation intelligence platform, IBA Insight. Click the button below to learn more and purchase a report.


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