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Aircraft Fleet Evolution - Lufthansa and Delta

Using fleet data from IBA’s intelligence platform InsightIQ, it’s possible to review how airline fleets are evolving and changing over time. Using Lufthansa and Delta as examples, our analysts explore and illustrate the size of the in-service fleet in January 2020 compared to 2021.

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For Lufthansa, in January 2020, 91% of the fleet was active compared to 35% in January 2021. In terms of fleet mix, the younger generation A320neo family and A350 families are favoured. The older generation A320ceo family have suffered high storage, with the exception of the A319. Older and four-engine widebody fleets have been sharply affected with retirements of the A340 and 747 and possibly the A380 - but this remains unconfirmed. There is a clear preference for fuel efficiency/ lower maintenance costs and smaller aircraft as the A320ceo, A321s and older larger aircraft are the ones parked up. 



For Delta, overall the in-service fleet size is similar from 2020 to date. In January 2020, 89% of the fleet was active compared to  65% now- January 2021. In terms of fleet structure, the younger generation 737-900ER and A321-200 aircraft types are favoured. Some older aircraft types have been cleared out with the remaining MD fleet in storage. Many of the 767s are in storage and around half remain active but these will retire circa 2025. The 777s are facing nearer-term retirements.



IBA’s analysis platform - InsightIQ, flexibly illustrates multiple asset, fleet and market positions, actual and potential, to inform client choices and identify acquisition opportunities. Immediate access to crucial aircraft, engine, lease rate, fleet and flight data eases appreciation of historic and future aircraft concentrations and operator profiles.

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