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4 Top reasons to use IBA's Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports

IBA has launched new Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports, giving you best-in-class insight into prevailing and future aviation trends.

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Our new reports combine aviation intelligence from InsightIQ with our expert opinion to produce dynamic market reports for every commercial aircraft type. They provide a comprehensive overview of a specific aircraft type in an easily downloadable PDF format. The reports are available individually, and as part of a subscription to InsightIQ.


1. Manage risk with fast, accurate, and simple to use reports

Our dynamically-updated aircraft market reports give you a clear and detailed snapshot of essential market KPIs.


2. Identify market opportunities

Our holistic reports take advantage of intelligence from InsightIQ, including aircraft valuations, fleets, flights, liquidity and carbon emissions trends. Combine quantitative data with qualitative expert analysis and commentary to give a snapshot of the selected asset's liquidity and market dynamics. Our analysis work with InsightIQ to provide quarterly updates to data and corresponding opinion, resulting in an unparalleled depth of analysis by aircraft type.


Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports show detailed information on fleets of major commercial aircraft

A sample of fleet and engine data for the Airbus A320neo, valid Q4 2021.

3. Get unparalleled context in aircraft data analysis


Understanding your asset primes you for a competitive advantage. IBA's Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports combine our numerical data with IBA's expert opinion. Every quarter our advisory team provide their holistic aviation market commentary, insights and forecasts to add depth to your understanding of the selected asset's liquidity and market dynamics.


Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports feature detailed quarterly commentary on an aircraft's place in the market

A sample of market commentary for the Airbus A320neo, valid Q4 2021.


4. Research faster and mitigate risk


Our comprehensive and accurate traffic light summaries allow you to make more confident decisions in aviation investment, and streamline your research process.


Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports give detailed transaction trend data in the primary and secondary markets

A sample of transaction data for the Airbus A320neo, valid Q4 2021.

What's included?

  • Fleet status

  • Market value and lease rate outlook

  • Base Values

  • Flight summaries

  • Carbon emission performance

  • Lease end forecasts

  • Operator heat maps

  • Engine types

  • Lease managers

  • Operator and credit summaries

  • Transaction events and average age

  • Aircraft statuses and retirements


IBA's Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports are the latest development to our leading aviation intelligence platform, InsightIQ. We work to constantly innovate and develop our platform based on the latest industry developments and customer feedback.

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