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IBA's Market Update Webinar, October 2020

IBA's Market Update Webinar, October 2020

The global aviation marketplace will continue to encounter stress and multiple challenges in 2020 and beyond. Join IBA, the 2020 Appraiser of the Year, for a Market Update as we uncover, discuss and predict market trends across the industry and aviation finance.


This webinar is a must for the aviation community looking for comprehensive, accurate and up to date market insight. Topics covered include:

• The changing face of Airline fleets
• Possible Airline Failures
• How are fleets being deployed
• Will the MAX make a strong recovery?
• OEM update
• What are the changing trends in retirements
• Transitional activity - trading sales and capital activity
• What to expect in IBA's next major value update


The slide deck is available to download here.


If you have further questions please contact: Phil Seymour

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