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IBA's Webinar: Net Zero for Aviation - An Impossible Target?

The pressure on the aviation industry continues to grow as it attempts to meet the demands and requirements of regulators, shareholders, customers, and other stakeholders in reducing carbon emissions. Join IBA's award-winning team for our on demand webinar as we discuss this evolving critical issue and examine the latest industry developments on the pathway to Net Zero.

Listen in to our panel of experts; Ian Beaumont, Geoff van Klaveren and Dan Taylor as they explore the impact, cost and how the industry will need to adapt and change to achieve emissions targets.


Topics include:


  • What will new ESG regulations mean for the aviation industry?

  • What additional costs could be incurred by future carbon taxes?

  • What impact will extra taxes have on passenger demand?

  • How can stakeholders prepare for the future?


The slide deck is available to download here.


To watch the webinar on demand, click here.


If you have any further questions, comments or feedback please get in touch: Dan Taylor.

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