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IBA Webinar: The New Curve; Engine Market Update

IBA Webinar: The New Curve; Engine Market Update

IBA's Engine Market Update is designed specifically around the business needs of Investors, Lessors, Operators and Financiers looking to understand the performance of the Engine market and the flight path to recovery. This session provides valuable insight to help the aviation community identify market opportunities, structure deals and mitigate risk in the wake of COVID-19.


IBA's Phil Seymour, President and Head of Advisory, David Archer, Senior Engine Analyst and Jamie Davey, Engine Analyst, share their insight on:


  • Engine value resilience and the flight path to recovery

  • Shop Visit Forecast modelling and the impact on the aftermarket, values and lease rates

  • How have OEMs been supporting the industry

  • Fleet trends of the most popular engine types during COVID-19

  • Engine performance - Value and Lease Rate update


The slide deck is available to download here.


If you have further questions please contact: David Archer

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