The current state of the Aircraft ABS market and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, April 2020

Clay Smith from Split Rock Aviation and IBA’s Phil Seymour, discuss which transactions may be most at risk and what investors should expect to see going forward.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the ABS market
  • Structural issues of ABS deals, such as default triggers and cash traps, and how these impact the various tranches of investors
  • Asset values and future maintenance events
  • Airline strength, asset performance and servicer issues


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IBA’s Engine Market Update Webinar, March 2020

IBA’s Engine Market Update Webinar has been designed specifically around the business needs of investors, lessors, operators and financiers looking to explore the engine market and understand the impact from Covid-19. This session provides valuable insight to help the aviation community to navigate current challenges, identify future opportunities and mitigate risk.

IBA’s Phil Seymour, President and David Archer, Senior Engine Analyst, share their insight on the impact of Covid-19 on the engine market. Topics covered include; value performance in a crisis for narrowbody and widebody engines, the impact in the short, medium and long term and a review of the A330 engine market and the GE90 market.

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IBA’s Webinar – Maintaining and Protecting Asset Values, March 2020

Following further restrictions on travel, airlines across the globe are cutting capacity, reducing utilisation and parking aircraft, as well laying off staff in a bid to reduce costs and weather the repercussions of Covid-19.

IBA’s Asset Management and Technical team share some best practice, and provide guidance that can help to protect aircraft and engine values and ensure that early or unscheduled redeliveries are carefully managed.

In this short and punchy ‘how to’ session, Phil Seymour, IBA’s President, and Ross Armour, IBA’s Technical Manager, share best practice, flag watch outs and share war stories.

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IBA’s Webinar – Covid-19 and the Aviation Market, March 2020

In response to Covid-19 and recent Oil Price Cuts, IBA’s Phil Seymour, President and Peter Walter, Director – Asset Management, review the aviation market and share their thoughts on the impact, risk and exposure and how best to mitigate and protect asset values.

IBA’s award-winning team discussed the following areas in detail:

  • Airline Failures, which airlines are under pressure?
  • Implications for the leasing and finance community, including trading and ABS’
  • Which aircraft types are under pressure?


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IBA’s Market Update Webinar, January 2020

Our experts offer valuable analysis and insight on current trends, developments and key market indicators in this market update.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Macroeconomic factors and market effects
  • Which assets will perform well in 2020 and which will face headwinds?
  • Which airlines and/or regions should lessors and investors be concerned with in 2020?
  • Review of 2019 OEM performance
  • Trading volumes


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IBA’s & IATA’s Webinar on Lease Management November 2019

In this joint session between IBA’s Peter Walter and Guljar Lehri and IATA’s DeeDee Doke and Chris Markou, we look at how airlines can manage their operating leases to avoid millions of dollars of unwanted and hidden cost.

The session aims to provide airlines with clarity and precision for contract drafting, insight on the challenges of redelivery and aircraft transition, reviews the most common areas for redelivery disputes and provides a check list of IBA’s best practise for avoiding hidden costs and overspends – our research shows the average narrowbody overspend is now close to $2m.

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