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IBA provides specialised aviation consulting services to wide-ranging commercial and corporate clients including leading aviation finance and leasing companies, aircraft operators, insurance firms, lawyers, OEMs and MROs.


For more than 30 years, our consulting teams have offered valuable insight, best-in-class intelligence and opinion to add value and address our clients' needs across aircraft fleet strategy, risk benchmarking, market opportunities, ESG, litigation and risk management.


Advising 100% of major aircraft and engine OEMs


Advising the top 100 banks, lessors and airlines


Years of proprietary valuations and maintenance data


Aircraft under serviced management agreements

Aviation Investment Guidance, Market Analysis and Expert Opinion

Competition is fierce. Customers and stakeholders have increasingly high expectations and market sentiment is constantly evolving . Keeping ahead of the pack means staying on top of it all, from emerging technology, fleet strategy and new competitors to cost benchmarking, economic challenges and risk management.


We'll help you find the best solutions, ranging from one-off initiatives to transformation programmes or disruptive schemes that fulfil your customers' and stakeholders' needs. We'll guide you through new business models, services, products or strategic approaches.


We work with aviation clients across the following areas:

  • Airline Fleet Strategy

  • ESG

  • Airline Risk Benchmarking

  • Market Reports

  • Litigation Support

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