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The ultimate aviation intelligence platform

IBA Insight is your go-to platform for aviation data and intelligence, bringing together IBA's vast fleet, flight, values, trends, and liquidity data into one cutting-edge, easy-to-use platform.


Designed with aviation finance in mind, IBA Insight guides and accelerates your market research, valuations, and strategy decisions.

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Over 75,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 165,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 500 years of expertise

Get intelligence-led support for your aviation investment strategy 

Infographic showing the modules of IBA Insight

IBA Insight turbocharges your business performance. It's a pioneering platform powered by over 70 years of proprietary commercial aircraft and engine fleet data, as well as our award-winning aircraft valuations, market intelligence, aviation carbon emissions modelling and flight data.


IBA Insight is designed to provide clarity within the complex commercial aviation market. It brings together intuitive navigation, cutting-edge analytics, and lightning-fast speed to give you the insights you need, fast.



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IBA Insight Fleets

  • Accurate and detailed information on every aircraft in commercial aviation

  • Understand the status and history of the global commercial fleet

  • Track ownership, management and operator changes

  • Keep tabs on OEM order books

  • Drill down to individual MSNs


With over 140 aircraft attributes rigorously researched and kept up to date, aircraft fleet intelligence has never been so accurate.


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IBA Insight Values

  • Award-winning valuations from ISTAT-certified Appraisers at your fingertips

  • Instantly generate valuations at MSN level

  • Instantly generate engine valuations

  • Dynamically build portfolios of engines and aircraft


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IBA Insight Flights

  • The most comprehensive flights dataset built using multiple suppliers and updated daily

  • Append flight utilisation to OEM Times and Cycles data to get the most up-to-date view of your aircraft utilisation

  • Compare usage of leased and owned aircraft to understand if any aircraft are subject to discrimination

  • Drill through to individual aircraft, airport pairs, or specific flights on specific dates


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IBA Insight Trends

Risk managers in aviation need to understand the impact of internal and external factors on the value of their assets.


  • Contextualise aircraft values over time with market and macro-economic data

  • Understand the impact of external factors (e.g. oil prices, swap rates, etc) on aircraft value

  • Profile recession events and airline failures against aircraft values, engine values, and asset volumes


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IBA Insight Liquidity

  • Plan your asset and financing strategies

  • Analyse aircraft availability and demand over time 

  • Decide when to execute asset events to reap the best economic outcome for your business


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Aircraft Market Intelligence Reports

  • Consolidated market insight data combined with our expert advisory opinion at aircraft model level

  • Essential KPIs

  • Fleet overviews and top operators / owners / managers

  • Engine breakdowns

  • Values and lease rates

  • Lease-end forecasts

  • Emissions performance

  • Key recent transaction events


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IBA's integrated intelligence platform

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