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Understand the impact of economic turbulence on your aviation assets

With 164,000 daily aircraft and engine updates, IBA Insight Trends provides an accurate real-time investigation of the impact of key economic conditions on aircraft values and asset values. From historical market events and oil price to interest rates and inflation, you can easily compare exact aircraft and engine lease rate data against all major market influences.


Over 75,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 165,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 500 years of expertise


Raise your game with the most reliable data and intelligence on the market

Aviation asset, fleet, and industry patterns clarified

IBA Insight Trends data is rigorously accurate; you'll get absolute transparency regarding aviation cycles and correlations. Analyse asset information over time, investigate micro and macro-economic factors and consider whole-life asset and fleet events: acquisitions, disposals, and lease ends. You can trust positive event outcomes will occur when decision-making's guided by IBA Insight.

Economic intelligence to benefit your assets

Be better prepared for market shifts with IBA Insight Trends. Our cutting-edge intelligence lets you track historical values, lease rates, and lease rate factors, and follow transactions and market conditions. You can easily analyse growth patterns and assess ordering and production activity, predict potential market shifts and anticipate volatility.

Performance trends from market to model

Detailed intelligence from IBA Insight Trends can drive your choices towards growth and value. You can interrogate data patterns at the global, regional, and local levels over time. You can also understand economic trends, aviation market cycles, operator, fleet, and model aircraft model activity.

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