IBA Insight 究極の航空インテリジェンス・プラットフォーム

IBAインサイト 究極の航空インテリジェンス・プラットフォーム

IBA Insightは、IBAの膨大なフリート、フライト、価値、トレンド、流動性データを最先端かつ使いやすく1つにまとめた、航空データおよびインテリジェンスのための最適なプラットフォームです。

IBA Insightは、航空金融を念頭に置いて設計されており、市場調査、評価、および戦略決定を導き、加速させます。










Infograhic showing the modules of IBA Insight

IBA Insightは、お客様のビジネスパフォーマンスを向上させます。65年以上にわたる民間航空機およびエンジンフリートデータに加え、受賞歴のある航空機評価、マーケット情報、航空二酸化炭素排出量モデリング、フライトデータを活用した、先駆的なプラットフォームです。


IBA Insightは、複雑な民間航空市場を明確にするよう設計されています。直感的なナビゲーション、最先端の分析、そして圧倒的なスピードで、必要な洞察を迅速に提供します。


当社のフリート・モニタリング機能を使用して、ユーザーはIBA Insightのアプリからプッシュ通知を通じて、航空関連の洞察、アラート、ライブアップデートを即時に携帯電話で受け取ることができます。



IBA's Engines Explained: The Outlook
ウェビナー18Apr 2024

IBA's Engines Explained: The Outlook

This webinar, moderated by Mike Yeomans, and featuring Kane Ray and Jamie Davey, discusses the latest trends in the aviation engine market, highlighting the impacts of increased demand for air travel and OEM/MRO supply chain bottlenecks on aircraft engine values.   Summary Much like the aircraft they power, the trend is for spare engines with existing leases to be extended due to the service extension of current-generation aircraft, increased shop visit demand, new-generation engine quality issues, and a lack of spare parts.   These challenges have caused rises in market values and lease rates with IBA identifying evolving trends for supporting future rises. One of these trends is the expected demand for engine shop visits in the coming years. Lease rates have largely recovered to pre-COVID levels, with the CFM56-7B engine and the V2500-A5 engine families being notable movers. The panellists also discussed the shift in the trading market, the wide-body market, new-generation engine values, and the regional market.   Speakers Mike Yeomans, Director - Valuations and Consulting, IBA Kane Ray, Head of General Aviation and Aftermarket, IBA Jamie Davey, Manager - Engines & Parts, IBA   Key Takeaways Aviation Engine Demand Surge: The aviation engine market is experiencing a surge in demand due to increased air travel and the impact of COVID-19, leading to a rise in lease extensions due to a lack of engine supply. Engine Supply Shortage Factors: Factors such as increased shop visit demand, new generation engine quality issues, and a lack of spare parts in the MRO world are causing a shortage in engine supply. Increasing Market Values: Despite the challenges, market values are increasing due to the lack of supply, with even slower-to-recover segments such as the widebody market now experiencing demand, i.e. the General Electric GE90-115B powering the Boeing 777-300ER. Rising Engine Shop Visits: Engine shop visit demand is on the rise, with the narrowbody fleet expected to see further increases in the upcoming years. Recovered Lease Rates: Lease rates have recovered to pre-COVID levels for many engine variants, with engines like the CFM56-7B and the V2500-A5 seeing lease rate increases. Mature Engine Demand Increase: In both narrowbody and widebody markets, service extensions for mature aircraft have led to some significant increases in market values. This is most evident for mature engine variants with existing passenger fleets. Turboprop Engines Demand: The regional market is experiencing an increase in demand for turboprop engines, impacting market values and lease rates, with operators trying to find lift wherever possible.   "The (engine) leasing market is currently experiencing a lot of lease extensions due to a lack of engine supply, particularly for current generation engines. This lack of supply is being caused by factors such as increased shop visit demand, new-generation engine quality issues, and a lack of spare parts in the MRO world. Despite these challenges, market values are increasing due to the lack of supply.”       Watch On-demand   Click here

Aircraft Values & Lease Rates: February 2024

Aircraft Values & Lease Rates: February 2024

Where are aircraft values and lease rates going in 2024? The general sentiment for 2024 is that values and leases will continue to soar throughout 2024 with this movement attributed to several industry factors. This includes the current tight supply, driven by lease extensions, current engine reliability issues and a lack of new aircraft deliveries.   In our aviation market update webinar for Q1 2024, IBA's specialist aircraft valuations and appraisal team shared the latest updates for commercial narrowbody and widebody aircraft values. Here’s how the individual aviation asset classes have performed over the last year and the forward outlook for this year. Narrowbody Aircraft Market values     Source: IBA Insight & IBA Research (Percentages represent change in value over previous 12 months)   There has been a growth in new generation narrowbody aircraft values, particularly for the 737 MAX 8 and the A320neo models, which are closely matched in terms of Market Value.  Specific aircraft valuations are influenced by aircraft specifications such as Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) and engine thrust, along with the nature of the transaction and the motivations of the participants, leading to potential variations. After robust gains in 2023, there is an optimistic outlook for continued growth in 2024, extending to both the A320ceo and the 737NG.   In the mid-life narrowbody aircraft segment, there has been a significant increase in aircraft values throughout 2023, with further gains projected for 2024. This suggests a sustained progression. Operators are demonstrating interest in older aircraft, even those in less-than-ideal conditions, as they strategically acquire assets from the secondary market with plans for subsequent investments in their serviceability. This trend reflects a proactive approach from airline operators, as they anticipate future returns on their investments. Lease rates   Source: IBA Insight & IBA Research (Percentages represent change in value over previous 12 months)   Narrowbody aircraft lease rates have been characterised by a significant upward trend in 2024, particularly for the 737 MAX 8 and A320neos. IBA forecasts an increase to $410,000 per month by July 2024, signalling substantial growth.  The A321neo specifically is experiencing a surge, with lease rates already in the mid-$400,000s range expected to increase as the year progresses. This is partly driven by tight supply, due to ongoing production rate recovery, and the elevated interest rate environment.   In the mid-life segment, lease rates have also seen a robust increase, especially for the A320 family (A320 and A321), with mid-life examples registering over 20% annual growth in some cases. The grounding of GTF-powered aircraft and operators extending leases to cope with supply constraints in the secondary market has fuelled this growth in lease rates. While this has caused lease rates for the A320ceo to approach parity with the 737-800, the rate of growth is anticipated to cool off, as the year progresses, reaching a plateau in the middle of the year. Lease rates for mid-life aircraft are climbing, from above $200,000 to the mid-$200,000s range.     Widebody Aircraft Market values Source: IBA Insight & IBA Research (Percentages represent change in value over previous 12 months)   In the widebody segment, we have identified a recovery in the market values of current-generation aircraft, that is expected to continue into the middle of the year. Notably, A350-900 values are closing in on those of the Boeing 787-10, erasing the latter’s premium. The continuing recovery in widebody aircraft values also mirrors the trends seen for narrowbody aircraft last year. The flurry of orders, especially for the A350 and Boeing 787, echoes the strong demand witnessed in the narrowbody segment, and while the values have not fully returned to pre-pandemic levels, there is room for further growth into the middle of the year.   IBA has seen a robust recovery in the mature widebody segment, particularly for mid-life examples. Market values for these assets are expected to have more than doubled in 12 months by mid-year, representing one of the most substantial percentage changes in the market. Acquisitions made during the pandemic at lower prices have proven to be astute investments, given the current market dynamics. Notably, the A330 and the Boeing 777-300ER are experiencing a strong uptick in values, driven in part by the solid performance of the value of their engines, which have rebounded significantly. Lease rates   Source: IBA Insight & IBA Research (Percentages represent change in value over previous 12 months)   Widebody aircraft lease rates demonstrate a positive outlook in 2024. There has been a notable shift for A330s in 2021 and 2022 to rates now approaching pre-2019 and which are expected to surpass by July 2024. On the Boeing side, the 777-300ER is experiencing a similar upward trend, with rates moving closer to those for a typical 12-year-old aircraft in 2019 and anticipated to surpass 2019 levels by mid-year.   A significant driver of the lease rates is the scarcity of available aircraft, characterised by a market dominated by lease extensions rather than new placements. Some extensions surpass $500,000, with operators showing a strong motivation to retain their aircraft, given the limited supply of new aircraft entering the market. Transaction volumes are on the rise, particularly on the lessor trading side, indicating increased activity in the market. While lease placements may be lower as operators opt to extend and retain their current fleet, the overall trend suggests a strengthening market with an uptick in values. This positive trajectory extends to both narrowbody and widebody aircraft, highlighting a robust and evolving landscape in the widebody aircraft lease rate market for the year ahead. Summary The narrowbody and widebody aircraft market in 2024, both exhibits growth and evolving dynamics. Narrowbody aircraft, such as the 737 MAX 8 and the A320neo, are focal points for this growth, with market values influenced by various factors, including inflationary pressures and market demand. Narrowbody aircraft lease rates, driven by factors like production rate recovery, supply constraints, and operator lease extension strategies, contribute to a dynamic and evolving landscape throughout 2024. On the widebody side, the market showcases recovery, convergence in values between key models, and substantial growth in mature widebody aircraft values, emphasising the resilience and evolution of the overall market landscape.   To learn more about our latest aircraft values, including turboprop and regional aircraft values, click here to watch the full webinar.   If you have any further questions, comments, or feedback, please get in touch with Mike Yeomans.

IBA Insightフリート

・ 民間航空機の全機種に関する正確で詳細な情報


・ 所有者、管理者、運航者の変更を追跡



140 を超える航空機の属性が厳密に調査され、最新の状態に保たれているため、航空機の艦隊インテリジェンスはかつてないほど正確になりました。


IBA Insight評価


・ MSNレベルの評価を即座に作成




IBA Insightフライト

  • 複数のサプライヤーを使用して構築され、毎日更新される最も包括的なフライト データセット

  • OEM の時間とサイクルのデータにフライトの利用率を追加して、航空機の利用率の最新のビューを取得します

  • リース機と所有機の使用状況を比較して、差別の対象となる航空機があるかどうかを把握します。

  • 個々の航空機、空港ペア、または特定の日付の特定のフライトにドリルスルーします。


IBA Insightトレンド



  • 市場およびマクロ経済データを用いて、航空機の価値を時系列で文脈化します
  • 外的要因 (石油価格、スワップレートなど) が航空機の価値に与える影響を把握します
  • 航空機の価値、エンジンの価値、および資産量に対して、不況時の出来事や航空会社の失敗をプロファイルします



IBA Insight 流動性

  • 資産と資金調達の戦略立案

  • 航空機の稼働率と需要の長期的な分析

  • ビジネスにとって最高の経済的成果を得るために、資産イベントを実行するタイミングの決定




  •  航空機モデル レベルでの専門家の意見を組み合わせた統合された市場洞察データ

  • 必要不可欠な KPI

  • 航空機の概要とトップ オペレーター / オーナー / マネージャー

  • エンジンの故障

  • 価値とリース料

  • リース期間終了予測

  • 排出性能

  • 最近の主な取引







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