IBA’s professional analysis delivers greater transparency around lessee risk

Operator Risk Assessment

The tightening of margins, the declining of geopolitical stability and the rising concerns over defaults and bankruptcies are all issues that drive demand for increased transparency and risk-informed value and growth.

Dr Stuart Hatcher Chief Operating Officer Managing Director Aviation IBA Group
Operator Risk Assessment

Dr Stuart Hatcher

Stuart Hatcher

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At IBA, our expert understanding of these issues is what drives our advisory team to ask the right questions so they can analyse potential risks that can occur across the asset, the credit, the jurisdiction and the lease. Our detailed analysis expertly combines proprietary IBA data, desktop analysis of available public sources as well as expert opinion from within our aviation teams and from other external sources.

We are able to successfully deliver actionable intelligence around the value of an asset, the operator’s ability to retain the value of the said asset, the political and economic direction of key jurisdictions, and both the likelihood and the impact of a default.

So, whether considering the transaction risk, the assessment of an investment opportunity, the setting up of deposits, rentals and reserves, or informing negotiation around second leases – IBA’s professional analysis can deliver a greater transparency around decision-making, which results in:

  • Higher margins
  • Improved contract terms
  • Reduced risk; and
  • A more efficient spread of credits


Our proficient analysis can also be used to assess and optimise current and future portfolios. At IBA, we work with clients to recommend expansion goals, exit strategies and outline exposures across jurisdictions, aircraft types and lease maturities.

Central to our support is our ever growing database of 120 + airlines against which we research and model to map potential risks that are associated with credit, financial performance, fleet composition, operational efficiency and jurisdiction.

Our risk services include:

  • Operator Risk Assessments; providing a broad assessment on the risk ranking of an airline across various areas.
  • Credit Score Index; providing an overview of risk and operations for over 120+ airlines
  • Credit Monitoring 


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