Airline Risk Benchmarking

Assessing potential risk factors inherent in diverse aviation assets

IBA's consulting team asks the right questions to expose aviation risk factors.


Aviation market turbulence can make margins tighten and send concerns over defaults and bankruptcies soaring. We support clients to weather the storm, helping them understand the risk potential of asset class, age and mix, credit, operational practice, jurisdiction and lease agreement.









Securing Asset Value and Growth through Lessee Risk Transparency

Perceptive decision-making will enrich our partnership. Clear-sightedness influenced by exact, proprietary IBA Insight intelligence, comprehensive public data analysis and IBA's expert opinions will give you actionable intelligence. We'll lay bare aviation asset values, operators' practices, political and economic direction of key jurisdictions and the likelihood and impact of a default. Whether transaction risks, investment opportunities, organising deposits, rentals and reserves or second lease negotiations, IBA's professional analysis supports:


  • Higher margins

  • Improved contract terms

  • Reduced risk

  • Better spread of credit


We'll back you up with a constantly evolving database of more than 120 global airlines. Against this we research and model to map potential risks including credit, financial performance, fleet composition, operational efficiency and jurisdiction. Our collaboration will boost your risk management, letting you optimise current and future aviation asset portfolios and address expansion goals, exit strategies and risk probabilities and interconnections.


Our risk services include:


  • Operator risk assessments to deliver extensive appraisals of an airline's risk ranking across different areas

  • Credit score index support to contextualise airline risk and operations

  • Credit monitoring facilities



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