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Introducing Schedules Data to IBA Insight

We are delighted to announce that airline Schedules data powered by OAG is now available in our aviation intelligence platform, IBA Insight. This empowers our users to understand global and operator capacity like never before, with access to both historic schedules and future data, up to 12 months in advance.

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What can I do with Schedules in IBA Insight?

With Schedules intelligence in IBA Insight, you can…

  • Map patterns in demand

  • Understand market sentiment

  • Identify airline schedule growth and loss

  • Understand capacity changes globally, or within specific geographies

  • Benchmark and compare the success of operators

  • Understand the demand for specific equipment and aircraft types

Why is this data essential to my analysis?

Capacity analysis is a useful way to understand the evolving sentiment and confidence in the commercial aviation industry. Global capacity allows you to spot market trends in seats, ASKs, and the number of flights in forward-looking schedules. Operator capacity takes that analysis to a more granular level, identifying opportunities and challenges airlines face, and providing an invaluable health check of an operator as part of your risk management workflows. 

Get a new level of detail from our easy-to-use dashboard


Your new schedules dashboard brings together a range of enhanced metrics to give you an unparalleled level of analysis. Metrics available include…


  • Number of flights

  • Number of seats

  • Share of capacity

  • Growth or loss in schedule volume

  • ASM/ASK – available seat miles or kilometres (expressed in millions)


“Incorporating OAG’s scheduling data enhances IBA Insight, enabling users to make strategic and agile decisions based on a wider range of insights. Our partnership with OAG delivers a greater dynamic for our customers and reinforces IBA’s position as a leading provider of aviation market intelligence.” – Phil Seymour. President, IBA.


Simon Howard, Global Sales Director at OAG further comments: “We’re delighted that our partnership with IBA has enhanced its online offering. OAG’s schedules data is well-placed to support the needs of IBA’s users. We look forward to continuing our work together to provide industry leading data.”


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