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Advisory and Valuations

Our advisory and valuation practice provides unparalleled data and advice to improve decision making in relation to complex and strategic aviation challenges and opportunities.

Dr Stuart Hatcher Chief Operating Officer Managing Director Aviation IBA Group
Advisory and Valuations

Dr Stuart Hatcher

Stuart Hatcher

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At IBA, we provide specialised aviation advisory and valuation services to a wide range of clients including leading aviation finance and leasing companies, aircraft operators, OEM’s and MROs. Our experienced valuations and advisory team offer valuable insight, best in-class data and opinion aimed at the driving of profitable growth and value for our clients. The valuations and advisory team also simultaneously navigate the commercial and technical challenges that often accompany aviation investment.

We pride ourselves in diving deep into our extensive data and research to successfully extract the greatest value, discover beneficial market opportunities, help create new prosperous business models, manage potential risks or inform our clients on the best courses of action for complex transaction decisions. This is achievable thanks to our unique dataset that combines over 30 years of historical asset values, maintenance data from hundreds of aircraft and professional industry insights from our team of expert analysts.

Selected as the Appraiser of the Year 2012, 2018, 2020, we strive to provide an accurate picture of current and future values of aircraft, engines, helicopters and other critical aviation assets. Our team of analysts include six ISTAT qualified appraisers. It’s due to our independence, credibility and reliability of data that we are provided with a greater confidence for strategic development, the driving of profitable growth, the measuring and forecasting of returns and the reduction of risk for our clients. No other leading consultant has our extensive depth of knowledge, breadth of technical expertise, or access to primary data.

At IBA, we appraise a broad array of aviation assets including the following:

  • Aircraft – We provide fully comprehensive valuations on the full spectrum of commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft, freighters and helicopters
  • Engines – We provide regular updates for over 250 engines from the leading OEMs, as well as bespoke appraisals on older or less common models
  • Other tangible and intangible assets – For example, we have recently ascribed commercial values to: used components, MRO and part-out facilities, landing slots and ground equipment

IBA Wins The Aviation 100 Award -Appraiser of the year 2020

Recognised as Appraiser of the Year for 2020, IBA has been awarded the coveted Aviation 100 Award twice in the last three years. Judged by customers and peers across the market, The Aviation 100 awards distinguish the most outstanding performers in commercial aviation.

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