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Accurately assessing critical aviation asset values


IBA provides specialised aviation advisory and valuation services to a wide range of commercial and corporate clients including leading aviation finance and leasing companies, aircraft operators, insurance firms, lawyers, OEMs and MROs.


For more than 30 years, our experienced award-winning valuations and advisory teams have offered valuable insight, best-in-class data and opinion on aircraft financing and investment, aviation risk management, lease rates and values and fleet planning across various stages of economic cycles.



Voted Appraiser of the Year 2021


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Transaction and Portfolio Valuations in 2019


Years of Values and Maintenance Data

Formulating Aviation Investment and Asset Value Intelligence, Market Analysis and Expert Opinion

Multiple commercial and technical challenges often accompany global aviation investment and asset management opportunities. Our large team of analysts, which includes six ISTAT-qualified appraisers, is equipped to manage them.


Proud to have been selected as Appraiser of the Year 2012, 2018, 2020 and 2021, IBA can provide clients with accurate assessments of current and future aircraft values, engines, helicopters, freighters, bizjets, parts, landing slots and other critical aviation assets.


Our aviation intelligence platform InsightIQ offers extensive up-to-date and historic data that enables the discovery of real-time global market opportunities, aircraft liquidity by class, model and region, flight and utilisation activity and risk profiles.


Its up to date and historic datasets support client decision-making when faced with complex, business-critical transactions. IBA can share asset values and maintenance data mined from hundreds of aircraft and engines, flight and utilisation intelligence, aviation industry insights and news and operator profiles.


IBA's access to exceptional primary data feeds into our confident strategic development guidance, sustainable, profitable growth analysis and risk reduction for clients. We help them appraise a broad array of aviation assets including:


  • Aircraft - commercial aircraft, corporate aircraft, freighters and helicopters

  • Engines - we control data on 250 engines from the leading OEMs as well as older or less common models

  • Other tangible and intangible assets - we have recently ascribed commercial values to used components, MRO and part-out facilities, landing slots, leases and ground equipment

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IBA Wins The Aviation 100 Award - Appraiser of the Year 2021

Recognised as Appraiser of the Year 2021, IBA has been awarded the coveted accolade three times in the last four years having first won in 2012. Judged by customers and peers across the market, The Aviation 100 Awards distinguish the stand-out performers in commercial aviation.

Airport Landing Slot Values; Heathrow Pre- and Post-Covid and the Battle for Airport Slots

Senior Aviation Analyst Youcef Berour Minarro investigates the airport slot market, the impact of Covid-19 at London Heathrow, and the outlook for future slot values.   This paper has been prepared to give an overview and insight into the current airport slot market, with specific emphasis on LHR as one of the most traded airports in the world. This article will review the impact COVID has had on LHR and what the IATA slot waiver extensions mean for slot values.   IBA are one of only a very few appraisers recognised for airport slot valuations having completed a variety of assignments at airports including London LHR, London Gatwick and New York JFK.   In 2015, IBA was involved in Europe’s first ever bond tied to airport slots where Virgin Atlantic Airways secured a £220 million secured note transaction using the airline’s take-off and landing slots at London Heathrow Airport. The bond was used to invest in new Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The bond had a tenor of 15 years. The notes were split between two tranches: £190 million A1 notes and £30 million A2 notes. The A1 notes have a weighted average life of 12 years, while the A2 notes have a weighted average life of 10 years. This was the first time in European air travel history that airport slots have been leveraged in this way, claiming the Deal of the Year in 2016.   In 2020 alone, IBA have been heavily involved in performing a range of valuations for various purposes including slots securitisations, balance sheet purposes and for disposal/acquisition of slots. Download the full report 

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