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Aircraft Values Book

Our Aircraft Values Book contains information about 66 of the most commonly traded commercial passenger aircraft globally.


Published twice a year, it presents the market, current base and future base values for each aircraft type as well as market information and aircraft data. We include order book history, annual delivery rates, fleet size and status, geographical distribution, engine selection and historic availability.


IBA presents values in accordance with principles set out by ISTAT, the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading.

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Engine Values Book

IBA's Engine Values Book provides airline operators, financiers, leasing companies, MROs and OEM manufacturers with a comprehensive information source on the current state of the global engine market.


We deliver information on the market characteristics, associated aircraft types, geographic scope and operator base of 33 of the most commonly traded families of aero engines. Our publication includes key maintenance data such as typical average overhaul costs and maintenance intervals, Quick Engine Change (QEC) and Life Limited Parts (LLP) costs and values and lease rates for the most popular variants of each engine family.


IBA lists current market, base and forecast values for the most popular turbofan engines over a 10-year period and includes all key Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and their estimated cost impact for each engine type.

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Lease Rate Digest

The Lease Rate Digest provides monthly lease rates for 69 of the most commonly leased commercial passenger aircraft. It specifies the monthly high and low lease rates for each year of build, based on standard contract terms and conditions. It analyses multiple aircraft types with similar capacity and establishes their Rate Profiles.


Used alone or in conjunction with IBA's Aircraft Values Book, the Lease Rate Digest gives operators, banks, leasing companies and manufacturers invaluable insights into the current condition of the lease market for passenger aircraft.

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