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The leading commercial aircraft and engine fleet analytics module

InsightIQ Fleets is a dynamic and innovative online fleet analysis solution. Covering all commercial aircraft and engine types, our Fleets analysis module is built on over 65 years of aviation data and offers unparalleled data integrity through rigorous data governance and management practices. With over 65,000 aircraft and engines updated daily, InsightIQ Fleets provides the most accurate and comprehensive aircraft fleet data in the global market.

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Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Fleet analysis designed to help the aviation finance community

Trigger your analysis and drill down into the global fleet to identify market opportunities

Research single and multiple asset, fleet and market positions, actual and potential, to inform client choices and identify acquisition and divestment opportunities. Understand the geographic distribution of the global fleet by status category and ownership type. Research orders and delivery schedules, aircraft histories, age profiles and lease expiry dates.

Monitor your investments

Map and report aircraft and engine utilisation. Understand times, cycles and average age by operator, owner or manager. Predict future maintenance events and forecast cashflows. Drill down from fleet level to MSN to review status changes including patterns in storage and retirement trends.





Explore rich aircraft fleet information and events

  • Understand airline group, alliance and aircraft ownership structures, aircraft configuration, primary role, seating information, technical information, current engines and specifications

  • Appreciate how much time the aircraft has spent in status categories and review cumulative TSN and CSN

  • Quickly evaluate the full-life to date of aircraft from order to parting out, including first flight, service changes, damage events, branding changes and retirements

  • Compare utilisation of selected aircraft to averages across the model

  • Profile the concentration and leaseability of aircraft

  • Discover how many aircraft are on order or in service for the aircraft family or model


Market-leading support: powerful, integrated technology with enhanced data quality

InsightIQ Fleets delivers unparalleled data coverage to aviation companies. Our data informs and enables clients to make effective decisions backed by improved financial awareness, reporting, monitoring, modelling and analysis. With over 250,000 updates and 120,000 events added in 2020, InsightIQ is leading the way in aviation data.





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