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World-beating commercial aircraft and engine fleet analysis

Take your fleet analysis to new heights with IBA Insight Fleets, aircraft fleet analysis specially designed to serve the aviation finance community. Our fleet data combines 65,000 daily updates with over 65 years of independent aviation data on every commercial aircraft and engine type, fuelling the most accurate and comprehensive fleet data in the global market. IBA Insight Fleets empowers you to quickly identify market opportunities and make the best strategic decisions on investment, divestment, and acquisition opportunities.


获取超过 75,000+ 架飞机和发动机的价值数据

3500 万

每年跟踪 3500 万次的飞行信息


每年增加超过 165,000 次的航空事件


由拥有 500 多年专业经验的团队管理

Fleet analysis designed to spark the aviation finance community

Engage with your investments

IBA Insight Fleets takes your research to the next level. As well as mapping and reporting aircraft and engine utilisation, you'll understand times, cycles, and average age by operator, owner, or manager. You can even take a deep dive from fleet level to MSN to review status changes like storage patterns and retirement trends. The simplicity and clarity of our platform makes future maintenance events and cash flows easier to predict.

What aircraft fleet information can you explore with IBA Insight Fleets?

  • Airline group, alliance, and aircraft ownership structures

  • Aircraft availability (Lease, Sale or ACMI) provided by MyAirTrade 

  • Aircraft configuration and specification

  • Seating and engine information

  • Aircraft time spent in status categories and cumulative TSN and CSN

  • Full life to date of aircraft from order to parting out: first flight, service, and damage events, branding changes, retirements

  • Utilisation comparison to averages across aircraft models

  • Aircraft concentration and leaseability, order and in-service numbers


Integrity is assured by our rigorous data governance and management practices. 65,000 daily updates stimulate real-time, dynamic, exact data to power knowledge.


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