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IBA's Aviation Market Update Webinar, January 2019

IBA Group, the award winning aviation consultancy, recently hosted a Market Update Webinar that offered independent analysis and insight on current trends, developments and key market indicators.

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Looking back across 2018, IBA's Stuart Hatcher, Chief Operating Officer, shared his views on lease rates, order backlogs, OEM delivery streams, demand indicators and the challenges and opportunities of 2019 for aviation stakeholders.

This webinar is a must for the aviation community looking for comprehensive, accurate and up to date market insight. The session covered:


  • Our assessment of the supply/demand imbalance
  • Order backlogs and fuel - impact on values and used demand
  • Lease end & fleet estimates
  • Retirement trends
  • Values & lease rates
  • Trading volumes


You can download a copy of our 2018/2019 market insight here, or the recording is available to view on our YouTube channel.

If you have further questions, please contact: Stuart Hatcher.

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