Dr. Stuart Hatcher

Dr. Stuart Hatcher

Chief Economist, ISTAT Certified Senior Appraiser

Stuart Hatcher has been part of IBA in some way since inception back in 1988, joining full time in 2005. As Chief Economist, Stuart is responsible for raising IBA's profile and strengthening client relationships through the leverage of in-house data and expertise. His research focus covers all aspects of commercial aviation.

Apart from leading the advisory business at IBA for much of his career, he has also been responsible for creating our digital division leading towards the development of IBA Insight, our leading online analysis platform offering essential market intelligence for aircraft operators and the global aviation leasing and finance community.

Stuart has previously held lead roles across operations, sales, and production.

Dr Hatcher holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry, as well as being a Senior ISTAT Certified Appraiser. With his unique blend of experience, and market expertise he is a regular speaker and respected author.


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