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How to Verify Airline CO2 Emissions Results

Discover how our Carbon Emissions Calculator can independently verify an operator’s reported Scope 1 CO2 emissions.

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IBA’s InsightIQ Carbon Emissions Calculator ‘CEC’ allows you to evaluate the actions taken by an operator to reduce their carbon footprint, acting as an independent and impartial tool to verify an operator’s reported scope 1 emissions reports. We used the CEC to independently crosscheck reported emissions figures for 2019 from 7 airlines and 2 airline groups, covering 14 airlines globally.


Our analysis verified the accuracy of airline scope 1 emissions reports published by Air New Zealand, Aegean Airlines, China Airlines, Finnair, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, Southwest, Air France KLM, and International Airlines Group (IAG).




CO2 emissions results are typically within 1% of those reported by the airline. Our Carbon Emissions Calculator showed the closest correlation with results published by Virgin Atlantic, who’s reported scope 1 emissions were accurate to the CEC within a variance of less than 0.5%.


Our recent analysis of IAG’s Scope 1 emissions from 2018-2019 identified similar levels of accuracy, and highlighted the group’s efforts at CO2 reduction (IAG achieved a 12.3% reduction in carbon emissions across the entire fleet between 2019 and 2021 on a per-seat per-mile ‘PSPM’ basis). Other recent emissions comparisons with Wizz Air and Ryanair have shown similar downward trends, and our monthly aviation Carbon Index has highlighted an overall reduction of 5.2% on a rolling three-month basis over the past 4 years.


IBA’s Carbon Emissions Calculator can illustrate aviation CO2 emissions by any combination of time period, airline, lessor, aircraft MSN and model, portfolio, OEM, country, airport and route pair. You can also model emissions changes influenced by future and hypothetical fleets.


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