With 30 years of experience and a portfolio of over 100+ aircraft, IBA is ideally placed to manage your existing aviation portfolio or support the establishment of your platform. No other provider of aircraft management services has IBA’s combination of independence, breadth of expertise and depth of data.  We can support your investment through each stage of the cycle starting with pre-transaction analysis, fleet servicing, remarketing or transitioning.

Our Approach

Pre-transaction support: IBA can reduce your risk exposure and maximise your returns by advising on the most appropriate structure, asset type and rent, deposits and reserves, through analysing the risk profile of lessees, including the lessee’s track record, jurisdictional and legal/political concerns and maintenance options.

Oversight of fleet: Aircraft are complex assets. IBA augments and reduces the pressure on in-house resources by advising on the key processes necessary to maintain value throughout the lease. We are experts in monitoring payments, optimising cashflow and ensuring the assets and records are correctly maintained to positively impact residual value and minimise default risk.

Remarketing and transitions: Finding the next lessee, securing a sale at the value expected, or negotiating an extension at favourable terms, are critical steps in the realisation of value on an operating lease. Additionally, we are specialists in the management of redeliveries and repossessions, minimising the negative impact of such events on your bottom line.

Our Asset Servicer packages

IBA offers a breadth of services, from adhoc advice and support on specific topics, to a fully-outsourced facility.

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