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We help clients across the world's aviation industry build successful aviation asset management solutions.


Backed by a wealth of over 30 years' comprehensive experience and managing typical portfolios of 50 or more aircraft, we combine specialist technical expertise with unrivalled intelligence driven by our market-leading data intelligence platform IBA Insight to sustain and maximise aviation asset values.


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Optimising global aviation asset and financing strategies

Investment opportunities big and small can never be wholly detached from risk, significant or otherwise. Financial returns on aviation asset investments can potentially prove impressive but the asset class's complexity means such possibilities will remain unrealised without the particular knowledge, tools and processes to identify, unlock and exploit them.


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We partner closely with clients, giving focused support underpinned by our extensive service capabilities to inform:


  • Lease Management

  • Aircraft investment and finance

  • Maintenance forecasting

  • Management and storage programmes

  • Lease negotiations

  • Repossessions

  • Asset redelivery

  • Aircraft remarketing

  • Part-outs and divestment


Our independence, enduring industry presence, adept analysts and IBA Insight-produced intelligence creates a comprehensive proposition that stands out.


Whether assisting with specific issues or helping to formulate long-term investment goals, we discuss and listen to clients' objectives before devising targeted, actionable advice. Our aviation finance and asset management teams blend in-depth aviation market expertise, current and historical, and precise asset intelligence to detect and understand industry fluctuations, changing operating environments and real-time events to fulfil clients' investment ambitions for all commercial aircraft, helicopter and engine types globally.


IBA collaborates with clients to bring new aviation investments to life and safeguard existing portfolios. Understanding the precise intricacies inherent in aircraft, helicopter or engine assets, we guide clients through robust due diligence, market analysis, forecasting and aircraft management to minimise threats for stakeholders and reduce negative risk exposure for asset investments, values and marketability.


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Case Study: Acquisition due diligence to purchase a large shareholding of an operating lease business

Informed investment decisions


 As you will know, our ability to make an informed investment decision is greatly enhanced by having access to swift and comprehensive analysis around the key issues. When NAC took to the market to sell a large shareholding in 2015, Goldman Sachs hired IBA Asset Management as part of the preferred investor due diligence team to do just that.

Alongside KPMG, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer and Goldman Sachs, IBA reviewed over 100 aircraft leases. We also calculated future lease, maintenance reserve income and expenditure, as well as benchmarking current and future aircraft values and lease rates. Our information and experience were used by the due diligence team to challenge and clarify various assumptions made by the vendor that were initially presented to the investor. NAC's processes and procedures were then reviewed and benchmarked to assess their standing in the industry. IBA was present at the various management meetings as the due diligence progressed towards an investment by the Private Equity firm EQT.


The combination of IBA's market and commercial experience and data intelligence from IBA Insight, proved invaluable to the purchasers, not just as part of the due diligence process, but as the relationship continued through their investment term.

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