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Approaching lease expiry? We help ensure the best outcomes

As a leaseholder, you need to be sure the steps you take at lease expiry are the right ones – that's where we come in. Our expert team will carefully analyse your resource and advisory needs, ensuring the process of the transition or remarketing of your aircraft is executed smoothly.


Combining over 30 years of experience with data from our innovative intelligence platform IBA Insight, we work collaboratively with airlines and leasing companies to deliver the best solutions, be it lease extension, re-negotiation, or aircraft redelivery.


Case Study: Aircraft Redelivery and Remarketing

IBA Group was requested by a Japanese lessor to assist with a potential upcoming redelivery of a B737-800 from Norwegian Air Shuttle, whilst also sourcing a suitable new lessee. The process of redelivery can be very fraught, particularly if the airline returning the aircraft is not engaged in the process early enough.


Fortunately, IBA was able to engage the airline quickly, and as a result, by the time the aircraft was required to enter the final redelivery check, the questions and queries over records, repairs and engine shop visit work were managed in good time. This left the physical checks and final engine boroscope checks as the only major potential delay items.


Whilst it is the returning airline's responsibility to plan and manage the redelivery check, IBA played an important role and liaised diplomatically with the MRO facility and Norwegian Air Shuttle to accommodate certain additional tasks requested by the new lessee in the UK. This required additional economy seating and relocation of the interior wardrobe and cabinets, which involved formal certification and approval that IBA arranged.

The timely engagement of all parties was facilitated and managed by IBA's Senior Technical team, ensuring on time and on budget redelivery of the aircraft and delivery to the next lessee.

Meanwhile, the remarketing team found the aircraft to be in strong demand and negotiated the optimum pricing and lease term package for the lessor. This was in order to balance the need for a strong lease rate whilst not wanting to take too much risk, regarding lessee credit.


As well as the technical project management described above, IBA advisory teams provided insight into the lessee's management and operations to assess the practical capabilities of the airline. This was done to ensure the airline could operate and manage the aircraft to high standards as per the lease agreement.


IBA continues to manage the aircraft on behalf of the lessor, freeing up lessor management time and providing the comfort that IBA's oversight of the lease and lessee adds. This provides a level of certainty and offers security to investors in the short and long term.

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IBA provides you with a matchless fusion of global industry experience, innovative expertise, and precise Insight data. Our real-time flight and aircraft supply and demand information makes it clear how and where individual aircraft types are being used. We are passionate global aviation asset experts. From commercial narrowbody and widebody airliners and engines to regional jets, freighters, bizjets, turboprops, helicopters, and corporate aircraft, we can help.


Smoothing out the aircraft redelivery process


Should aircraft redelivery prove the best option, we are here to support you from end-to-end. You will have confidence the aircraft will satisfy the owner's requirements and comply with contractual obligations, including aircraft reconfiguration. We can also help to secure a new lessee, organise the aircraft's sale, or arrange its transfer for part-out or conversion.


Backed up with unrivalled data and intelligence


Fuelled by independent Insight data, IBA can help you navigate multiple viable options at lease expiry. Our remarketing team will mine intelligence covering current and projected market conditions, reserves, and lease rates to clarify the benefits of each opportunity.



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