With over 30 years of experience, we are highly experienced at driving successful outcomes

Litigation Support

At IBA, we take a resourceful and professional approach to litigation support and dispute resolution, identifying thoughtful solutions that are tailored to our clients’ legal strategies and requirements.

Litigation Support

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Our access to 30 years of proprietary aviation data, as well as the regular involvement in strategic M&A and aircraft management expertise, affords us frequent access to the typical areas of contention between parties. This allows us to offer the best possible gateways and solutions to our client base.

We are familiar with the wide variety of commercial disputes and resolutions, that range from commercial negotiations to mediation, arbitration and ultimately litigation for our clients. This is where our ISTAT appraisers are also established as expert witnesses.  

IBA operates in a number of sectors and primarily aims to assist clients directly or via their legal teams. Our operations expertise is used across a multitude of aspects around valuations and the development of counter arguments, including contractual disputes that surround performance and reliability, insurance related settlements for aircraft damage or loss, to disputes that involve lessors and lessees – often at redelivery. We take the utmost pride in delivering a secure and effective service for our clients and aim to deliver the best possible service.