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Handling aviation industry disputes through mediation, arbitration and, where needed, litigation


IBA has over 30 years' experience of driving successful outcomes for clients involved in aviation disputes, whether litigation is the inescapable conclusion or alternative endings can be negotiated.


Complexity is an unavoidable feature of aviation and the causes of industrial disputes are wide-ranging.


We can support clients enmeshed in contentious commercial negotiations, smoothing their way to mutually agreeable solutions through discussion, mediation, arbitration and, ultimately, litigation.



Voted Appraiser of the Year 2021


Representing our involvement in 90% of ABS structures


Transaction and Portfolio Valuations in 2019


Years of Values and Maintenance Data

Performing Aviation Sector Dispute Resolution including essential Litigation Support

IBA responds to clients' individual legal strategies and requirements, identifying the most advantageous set of measures and implementing prompt action towards conclusion.


Strengthened by proprietary aviation data from our data intelligence platform InsightIQ, IBA's involvement in strategic mergers and acquisitions and aircraft management, investment and leasing activities gives us frequent access to typical areas of contention between parties. This makes it possible for our teams of analysts and advisors to establish optimum gateways and solutions for clients.


Operating in multiple sectors, IBA can support clients with litigation support directly or via their attorneys or legal teams. Our practised ISTAT-qualified appraisers often provide input as expert witnesses in litigated disagreements and our operational capabilities are used to give support across numerous areas involving valuations and the development of counter arguments.


We work with clients embroiled in contractual disputes over performance and reliability, insurance-related settlements for aircraft damage or loss and conflicts involving financiers, lessors and lessees, often at redelivery.


We deliver a constructive service, offering litigation support where necessary, minimising risk and realising the most positive results for clients.

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