IBA’s Helicopter Market Update

It has been a turbulent few years for the Helicopter market. Difficulties have included volatile oil prices, persistence of oversupply in some sectors and challenging political environments in key recovery markets. Despite the challenges, there is evidence of recovery within the market, IBA are forecasting low levels of growth for the coming years.

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Will The 737 Max Base Value Change?

IBA has approached aircraft grounding and accident issues in the past from the perspective of investors and considered how residual values could be impacted. IBA’s CEO, Phil Seymour, reviews the 737 MAX’s position and outlines IBA’s long-term view on values. He explains why, over time, Base Value has proven to be a reliable long-term benchmark for narrowbody aircraft.

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IBA’s Aviation Podcast – The Paris Air Show Edition

In this short podcast, IBA’s Phil Seymour & Stuart Hatcher summarise the current orders and activity at Paris Air Show 2019. If you have further questions, comments or feedback please contact: StuartHatcher@iba.aero or visit www.iba.aero.

We will also be hosting a Post Paris Air Show round-up webinar on Tuesday 25th June – register your interest here.

IBA’s Update on Lease Default Rates and Airline Failures

With airline results for quarter one trickling in, it feels like a sensible time to revisit lease default rates and airline failures within the market. So far we’re seeing positive results from the US majors with no significant deviation from those seen in Quarter one 2018, despite the impact of the 737 MAX groundings. Will this be the same for those operating in the East….? In our opinion, we’re not expecting operators in the region to fare so well. Stuart Hatcher, IBA’s Head of Intelligence, has generated a lease default rates and airline failure update that includes some interesting ‘what if’ scenarios. This useful insight piece looks at the implications for aircraft trading liquidity should the market experience more defaults and bankruptcies.

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IBA’s Update On The Indian Aviation Market

India remains the focus of many of the enquiries we are taking from Banks and Lessors increasing their inspection programmes and/or taking aircraft out of Jet Airways. The upcoming Indian general elections may be an influencer in the future for Indian aviation, but governments can’t be blamed for everything. To help provide some clarity on India, IBA’s Phil Seymour, CEO, answers some of the questions around risk and opportunities. This useful guide looks at the scope for growth and investment, current airline performance, risks and market sensitives.

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IBA Group’s Core Values

As a leading provider of aviation intelligence, market analysis, aircraft asset management and strategic and tactical guidance, we can’t afford to sit back and wait for things to happen. That’s why our diverse, talented and inspirational people are forward thinkers that are dedicated to delivering creative solutions and building trusted relationships with our global clients. A career at IBA Group will enable you to perfect your talents, working with some of the most recognised aviation analysts, appraisers, technical managers and researchers in the industry. Come join our team of intelligent and passionate individuals.

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