Asian Aviation In Conversation with Phil Seymour of IBA

Phil Seymour, IBA’s Company President, had the pleasure of joining Matthew Driskill from Asian Aviation for a discussion on the industry and a deep dive into the impact of the unprecedented global Covid-19 pandemic.

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Covid-19: Is the 3-month airline payment deferral the end of the story?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the global aviation industry, with some of the most severe ramifications impacting airlines and lessors. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects airline revenues to decline industry-wide by 50% in 2020, falling from USD 838 billion to USD 419 billion. With such significant financial strain, how can airlines and lessors work in partnership to pivot their approach and achieve a pragmatic solution?

Combining nearly a century of aviation expertise, Phil Seymour, IBA’s Company President, and Andy Mansell, Partner at Split Rock Aviation, bring you an insightful and thought-provoking webcast that discusses:

  • How can airlines and lessors achieve a “win-win” situation – unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions
  • Restructuring – The need for a dynamic outlook
  • Working in partnership – what happens beyond the 3-month payment deferral?


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IBA’s Aviation Podcast: Operating Lease Agreements, March 2020

Phil Seymour, CEO IBA Group and Andy Mansell, Partner Split Rock Aviation discuss their recent report on operating lease agreements.

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IBA’s Aviation and the Environment Podcast, February 2020

This podcast explores the substantial achievements the aviation industry has made in technology, infrastructure and governance with the aim of giving a snapshot of the future challenges and solutions we collectively face as an industry.

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IBA – Voted Appraiser of the Year 2020

The IBA team are over the moon to have been voted Appraiser of the Year 2020. It is an honour to have been awarded this prestigious title twice in the last three years.

2019 was a year that cemented our market presence as a premier aircraft appraiser, saw the opening of two new regional offices, in Tokyo and Los Angeles, as well as the addition of new members to our ever-growing ISTAT appraisal team. Throughout 2020, we will continue building on the momentum of the last few years’ success to further strengthen our position as an outstanding provider of aviation valuations, analysis and insight.

Our CEO, Phil Seymour has a short message for all those who contributed to this fantastic result.

IBA’s Freighter Market Outlook

Following IBA’s mid-year P2F market update, Jonathan McDonald, Senior Commercial Ageing Aircraft Analyst, revisits the market to provide insight into current freighter market characteristics. This short webcast session looks at the conversion programme, growth forecasts, conversion costs, values and leasing rates, feedstock and lastly our view on current topics such as the pickle fork AD and the New Generation Boeing 777-300ERBDSF programme.

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