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Trusted, customisable aircraft and engine valuations from the award-winning Appraiser

Be fully equipped to research and understand the value of current and future investment decisions with IBA’s award-winning aircraft valuations. Voted Appraiser of the Year for the fourth time in 2021, our values provide an advanced level of confidence when modelling and researching opportunities, risk and strategy options.


With access to all commercial aircraft and engines, lessors, analysts, operators and investors will achieve a prompt understanding of the evolving value and risk profile of current or planned asset pools.

A white iPad showing aviation data and graphs from IBA's aviation intelligence platform on the screen.


Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Let InsightIQ optimise your aircraft portfolio performance

Our powerful associative analytics engine equips clients to evaluate and classify single assets or global aircraft fleets, create numerous alternative portfolios and generate aggregated aircraft valuations.

InsightIQ’s historical data feeds intelligent forecasting

Monitor aviation asset performance and risk, explore scenarios and review market events with our historical market trends and values data. Generate projected valuations of an aircraft or engine and forecast future cash flows for potential transactions. Apply user-defined inflation and forecast periods to understand half-life and full-life, base, soft and market values.



A 360 degree look at InsightIQ aircraft and engine values

  • Customisable aircraft and engine valuations

  • Single asset, fleet and user-driven portfolio valuations

  • Comprehend, monitor and track trends in aircraft lease rates

  • Amend aircraft specifications, engines and build dates 

  • Change valuation dates and apply inflation rates

  • Create hypothetical aircraft and engines to value and add them to your portfolio for aggregated aircraft valuations

Accurately assessing aircraft and engine asset values

IBA has six ISTAT-certified appraisers, of whom five hold a senior qualification and above. In 2020, our experts provided appraisal and related due diligence for over 3,500 transactions and portfolio valuations. We appraise 90% of all ABS structures. As well as narrowbody and widebody aircraft, our appraiser team includes engine, helicopter, bizjet and freighter specialists.

IBA's new integrated intelligence platform

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