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Comprehensive, customisable modelling: past, present and future

With 65,000 aircraft and engines updated daily, InsightIQ Trends opens up accurate real-time investigation of aviation asset values in the context of key economic conditions. Clients can compare exact aircraft and engine lease rate data against market influences including historical market events, oil price, interest rates and inflation.


A black laptop showing aviation data and graphs from IBA's leading aviation intelligence platform.


Over 65,000 commercial aircraft

35 Million

35 million airline flights tracked per year


Over 120,000 aircraft events added annually


Managed by a team with over 350 years of expertise

Reliable historical data promoting future investment acumen

Aviation asset, fleet and industry patterns clarified

The rigorous accuracy of InsightIQ’s Trends data delivers absolute transparency regarding aviation cycles and correlations. It equips clients to analyse asset information over time, investigate micro and macro-economic factors and consider whole-life asset and fleet events: acquisitions, disposals and lease ends. Future events will profit from decision-making guided by InsightIQ.

Uncovering economic intelligence to benefit your assets

Clients can be confident our economic data interacts with precise current and historical value, lease rate and lease factor information to illustrate likely market direction. You can be better prepared for market shifts with InsightIQ Trends.


  • Track historical values, lease rates and lease rate factors

  • Track granular fleet events, transactions and market conditions against key industry metrics and drivers

  • Analyse growth patterns and assess ordering and production activity 

  • Predict potential market shifts and anticipate volatility 


Performance trends from market to model

Backed by InsightIQ Trends, aviation industry stakeholders can interrogate data patterns at the global, regional and local level over time. Detailed intelligence covering economic trends, aviation market cycles, operator, fleet and aircraft model activity supports informed choices to drive growth and value.

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