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Ranked – the most efficient lessors in the Asia Pacific region

Aviation carbon emissions intelligence from IBA NetZero has revealed the most efficient major aircraft lessors in the Asia Pacific region on a CO2 per-seat per-mile basis.

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Image: Ka23 13, Wikipedia Commons



SMBC Aviation Capital ranks as the most efficient lessor in the APAC region. Fleet data from IBA Insight reveals the lessor manages around 430 aircraft, and that SMCS's overall CO2 efficiency per-seat per-mile has been reducing by approximately 1 gram per month in 2022.


The Japanese lessor has taken delivery of 8 x Boeing 737 MAX and 5 x Airbus A321-200neo aircraft. SMBC manages a young fleet with an average age of 6 years old (compared to the industry average aircraft age of 13.5 years). With an orderbook of almost 200 new generation narrowbody aircraft, we anticipate the fleet's age will continue to reduce in the coming months.


Chinese lessor AVIC Leasing also performs well in our ranking as the 4th most efficient lessor in the region. AVIC manages an extremely diverse portfolio of aircraft, led by 17 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. These are leased to Air China, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.


56% of AVIC's portfolio are narrowbody aircraft. 65% of these are A320 family aircraft (mostly neo) and 35% are of the 737 family. The lessor also has 15 x Comac C919 aircraft on order at the time of writing. Based on the current fleet and orderbook, we do not anticipate any notable changes to AVIC Leasing's CO2 per-seat per-mile performance in the near future.


Tokyo Century Corporation holds a portfolio exclusively comprising middle-aged narrowbody aircraft, which are around 8.5 years old on average. Of the 70 aircraft within Tokyo Century Corporation's current fleet, only five aircraft are new generation Airbus A321-200neo aircraft. The remainder of the fleet is formed of the Boeing 737 NG series aircraft and A320ceo family aircraft. Commercial aircraft order data from IBA Insight reveals that Tokyo Century have no new aircraft orders as of June 2022, and we anticipate little change to their ranking unless more new generation aircraft are introduced to the portfolio.


IBA NetZero is the most advanced finance-focused carbon modelling tool currently available; we're leading the way. It's powered by IBA's proprietary fuel-burn intelligence which, when integrated with the Flights and Fleets module, can illustrate carbon emissions by any combination of: time period, airline, lessor, aircraft MSN and model, fleet, future portfolios, OEM, country, airport and route pair.


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