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IBA's Operator Risk Assessment - Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Full visibility of an asset's performance and value is essential in order to maximise returns. Oversupply, residual concerns and high fuel prices are all contributing to a more fluid picture than in recent years, making asset selection more critical.

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Whether considering the transaction risk, assessing an investment opportunity, setting deposits rentals and reserves, or informing negotiation around second leases - IBA's analysis delivers greater transparency around decision-making, strategy and market threats.


Our invaluable research and analysis helps players in the aviation market to make winning choices that drive profitable growth and reduce exposure. IBA conducts essential risk and opportunity mapping across the asset, the credit, the jurisdiction and the lease. Our analysis combines proprietary IBA data, desktop analysis of public sources and expert opinion from IBA and from other external sources.


As an example of our insight, IBA's team of advisory experts have produced a sample covering Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA.


Click here to download our sample ORA for Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA.

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback, please contact: Owen Geach

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