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IBA's Farnborough Airshow Report, July 2018

IBA analyses performance at Farnborough Airshow 2018 - firm orders may be low but the year has a long way to go.

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Dr Stuart Hatcher, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Valuations, Mike Yeomans, examine the outcomes in narrow and widebody sectors and observe a surge in orders for regional jets as the market reacts to pent up demand. Key take outs include:


  • We recorded a total of 996 Firm / MoU orders, this was very close to our prediction of 908 prior to the show.

  • For the second time in a row, Boeing pushed past Airbus in the final result, 489 and 459 (includes CSeries) respectively. Other orders included 37 for Embraer, 4 for Bombardier and 7 achieved by ATR.

  • New aircraft orders show a strong correlation to the cost of oil, although traffic demand itself still underpins it.

  • It was a little surprising to see the lack of Lessor orders, accounting for only 23.9% of the Firm/MoU orderbook, compared to 47.2% recorded for last year.

  • Freighter orders were strong, a notable appearance this year was the orders for for the 747Fs, signaling the growth in the heavy freight market.


Download IBA's Farnborough Airshow report here. If you have further questions contact: Stuart Hatcher

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