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IBA's Engine Valuation Methodology, October 2019

How do we approach our values?

Our large team of engine and aircraft analysts and 6 ISTAT qualified appraiser's specialise in a broad range of aviation assets including commercial jets, engines, helicopters, business jets and landing slots.


David Archer, IBA's Senior Engine analyst, talks through IBA's approach to engine valuations, why they are an attractive investment and what factors influence their value.

Click here to listen to the short webcast.


If you have further questions, comments or feedback please contact: David Archer

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Introducing IBA.iQ Engine Values


To complement our iQ Fleet data, iQ Aircraft Values and iQ Trends modules, IBA has launched iQ Engines - an engine valuations product. This unique module combines IBA's deep industry knowledge and values expertise to provide engine values for over 300+ commercial engine models.

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