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IBA's Webinar: Aviation finance deals are happening, but at what price?

19 November 2020

Join IBA, KPMG and Inception Aviation for an aircraft financing webinar: Deals are happening, but at what price?

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Covid-19 continues to challenge the aviation market and, in many cases, the market is adapting and changing to the current climate. When it comes to aircraft financing, levels of commercial liquidity have dropped with limited bank debt and cash, but capital markets are still providing available options for the right deals. The price and type of transactions and the motivation behind them is also changing. In this session our panel will explore available sources of finance, airline restructuring, changing residual values and LTV rates, cost of deals and lease rates.


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Topics covered include:


  • What are the available sources of finance and what transaction types are we seeing?

  • Airline restructuring: assessing cash flow and unencumbered assets

  • What is the motivation behind deals and what is the cost for airlines, lessor and banks?

  • Residual values, what is realistic and what is a good LTV rate?

  • Do we need a new model for valuations based on lease life and airline credit?

  • What may 2021 bring?


Join IBA, the 2020 Appraiser of the Year, and our panel of experts as we uncover and discuss aircraft financing.


We look forward to seeing you there.


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