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IBA Analysis: Easter Weekend flights close to Pre-pandemic levels

- Some low-cost carriers Easter flying set to be well over 2019 levels - 


The number of flights operating over the European Easter weekend (7th – 10th April, 2023) will be at 90% of 2019 levels on routes to and from Europe, according to data revealed by IBA, the leading aviation market intelligence and consultancy company. 

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Insight, the leading aviation intelligence platform, also reveals: 


  • Low-cost carriers Ryanair, Wizz Air and Vueling have increased the number of flights operating over the Easter weekend by 24%, 29% and 4% respectively compared to 2019 levels. 

  • Network carriers will remain below pre-pandemic flight volumes over Easter with British Airways at -11%, Air France at -15% and Lufthansa at -8% of 2019 levels.  

  • Planned strikes at London Heathrow over the Easter weekend and the risk of further air traffic control strikes in France indicate that some flights could be impacted. British Airways has announced that it is cancelling 32 short-haul flights a day over the weekend. 

  • Flights to the Asia-Pacific region are set to still be 36% below 2019 levels when there were 3,546 flights over Easter compared to the 2,282 planned for this year.  

  • The Ukraine conflict is causing some of the reduced flights through airspace closures and Russian sanctions. 

  • China's strict pandemic travel restrictions are coming to an end of 4th April and traffic is forecast to increase. 

  • Flights to the Middle East have fully recovered and are set to be slightly ahead of 2023 levels. 

  • Flights to North America in 2023 are only 5% below 2019 levels.  



About IBA 

IBA delivers the best of all worlds - deep aviation consultancy expertise, and cutting-edge and actionable data insights, all delivered by a proven, expert team with a strong customer focus.  


An independent, innovative and forward-thinking business, IBA has over 35 years of heritage and experience in aviation. Named'Appraiser of the Year' by their clients for five years, and most recently winning the Sustainable Technology award for its Carbon Emissions Calculator, IBA prides itself on its integrity, fierce independence, and continual innovation.  


The key to IBA’s success is its people – some of the best in the industry, based in multiple locations across the globe – real experts who are passionate about aviation and go the extra mile for their clients. 


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