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Aviation Intelligence – International and Domestic Market Recovery

Flight data from IBA’s InsightIQ aviation intelligence platform shows that from the end of June 2019 to the end of 2021, domestic flights have dropped below 80% of the total for the first time since last summer.

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Whilst domestic travel still dominates industry recovery, this signals that international markets are finally beginning to recover from the challenges of the pandemic. It is clear, however, that international recovery will take longer than the domestic.


Graph - domestic travel recovery is outpacing international travel recovery


The latest data from IATA confirms positive RPK trends in domestic Russia and China, and we are seeing load factors in markets such as Latin America, North America and the Asia Pacific region gradually improving.


Recovery by market – an overview

  • Sustained restrictions in Europe and the CIS are starting to ease, and these regions are showing strong signs of recovery. After a limited voluntary adoption initially, a more widespread six-week rollout of the EU’s Vaccine Passport commenced earlier in July, and IBA anticipates European recovery will gather more pace over the summer. Meanwhile, North America is enjoying robust domestic recovery, with summer bookings nearing pre-pandemic levels.
  • Localised Chinese lockdowns throughout June, coupled with rising Covid cases leading to Indonesian restrictions, have negatively affected recovery in Asia. This has been compounded by enduring quarantine procedures in countries such as India, Malaysia and the Philippines.
  • In the Middle East, heavy reliance on international markets has delayed recovery.
  • Latin America has benefitted from some lifting of restrictions.



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